Form Control Glossary
  • 17 Jun 2022
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Form Control Glossary

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Forms are comprised of Form Controls that offer cnt functions within the Form Designer. These functions range in complexity from providing a simple Text Box to dynamically populating dropdown lists to displaying a file for download after completion of a process, etc. Sections of the Form can be styled and colorized with CSS applied to Form layouts or individual controls.

The Toolbox houses, organizes, and searches for Form controls. The Toolbox consists of the following sections:

  • The Favorites menu contains the controls saved as a favorite. To save a control as a favorite, hover over the desired control and select the star on the right side. An Add FormControl Favorite dialog appear and prompts options to change the name and who sees the control as a favorite.
  • The Recent menu holds the most recent controls used.
  • Finally, the hierarchical drop-down menu lists every control, searchable or otherwise, available for use in a Form.

Below is a brief description of the Form controls available.


The Actions drop-down menu houses different types of Buttons.

Form ControlDescriptionMobile/Tablet Support?
EventsTriggers an event that can be used to trigger a data FlowYes
Go BackGoes back to the previous Form in the FlowYes
Sub DialogRuns a sub dialog Flow that can house a Form to pops up in front of the current FormNo
URLOpens a URLYes
ButtonStandard button, once this button is selected the Flow goes to the next step that the button is connected to within the WorkFlow.No
Close ButtonCloses the Form without ending the processYes
Drop Down ButtonSimilar to the standard button but gives multiple outcomes within a drop down listYes
Image ButtonSimilar to a standard button but allows this button to be an image, either uploaded from a computer, selected from our icon gallery, or from a URL.Yes
Link ButtonA URL link to be defined that can be selected and openedYes
Link List ButtonA list of URL links to be defined that can be selected and openedYes
Post Back ButtonResets Form to its previous stateYes
Timer Form ExitCreates a new outcome path on your Form and automatically goes down that path at whatever time the user specifiesYes


The Data drop down menu houses different options to apply data to the Form.

Control LocationControl NameDescriptionMobile/Tablet Support?
Account and GroupAccount and Group ListAdds assignee to Form
AdvancedCurrent Logo/Time/UserDisplays the current logo, time, or userYes
Entity ViewerProperty grid editor of entity
Form StepsDisplays a list of string steps in a vertical position similar to a Timeline
Latitude and Longitude Produces data for latitude and longitude only on secure contexts like HTTPSYes
Navigation Tree Interactive Decisions Navigation Tree
Tag EditorAllows the user to add tags to Form
Vertical TimelineDisplays static states vertically
VideoAllows the user to upload a video or input a URL to a video to display on the Form
Approval ChainApproval Chain EditorAllows the user to specify approval chain levels
Data GridData Grid
Excel-like view of an entityYes
Data Grid Add/RemoveThe ability to add and remove rows from an entityNo
FileCVS EditorDelete/Add Rows, Save Excel File, Load from Excel FileNo
File Download/UploadAllows users to download/upload a file
Multiple File Download/UploadAllows users to download/upload filesYes, for Download
Property GridProperty GridExcel-like view of an entityNo
Wizard Next/PreviousNavigates users through steps in a Wizard Property Grid
Wizard Property GridAllows designers to create a wizard for defining data objects by automatically including all fields in their proper formats for users to fill and submit
ValidationAll Form Validations DisplayShows all validation messages on the FormYes
Control Validation DisplayShows the validation message for one controlYes
RootAuto Complete Search
Auto Complete Search BarYes
CalendarInteractive Calendar Image
Check Box/List/List [Sort-able]Designer can create checkboxes for the user to select a piece of data or pieces of dataYes
Currency BoxNumber box that inputs and outputs currency
Date PickerAllows the user to chose a dateYes
Date Time PickerAllows the user to chose a date and timeYes
Document ViewerShows all files except Microsoft file types (doc, docx, excel, etc)No
Drop Down List
A list that can be generated with static information or dynamicallyYes
Horizontal TimelineDisplays static states or states provided with a folder ID in a horizontal position
HTML Display
A way to view HTML on a Form
LabelA way to put information on a Form that is not interactiveYes
List BoxOutputs text as a listYes
Masked Text Box
Allows designer to give the text a value type: General, Number, Decimal, Currency, Email Address, SSN, Custom, Phone Number.Yes
Multi Select Drop DownA list that can be generated with static information or dynamically, user can select multiple items on this listYes
Number Box/SpinnerOnly takes in and outputs a numberYes
Password Text BoxHides text with bullet points, allows the designer to create a minimum and maximum lengthYes
Progress BarShows the progress of data being input, allows the designer to set a minimum and maximum number for the barYes
Radio Button List
Creates a list with the ability for users to make a selection via radio buttonsYes
Rich Text Box/DisplayGives the user the opportunity to change font type, color, size, alignment, copy, paste, insert an image, create a table.Yes
SliderNumber input on a sliderYes
Text Box/Text Box Multi LineUser can input string. Multi Line should be used if a large number of characters will be usedYes
Time PickerAllows user to pick a timeYes
Toggle ButtonTrue/False switchYes
Tree ViewCreate a nested list


The Images drop down contains the Decisions Image Library.

Form ControlDescriptionMobile/Tablet Support?
Capture ImageUses webcam and allows users to capture images.
ImageUpload an image to show on a Form or save.Yes
Image GalleryIf any images are uploaded throughout the process they can be viewed through this control
Signature PadA signature can be drawn with mouse or touch screen if applicable


Layouts are used to help the user design the Form in a manner that fits their needs.

CanvasBlank Form, free to place Form controls on the Form in any place
GridFixed containers to house Form controls, can be stacked upon each other
Header ContainerA grid with a header section and a content section separated with a border
Horizontal Split PanelResizable control allows you to adjust the size two columns
Horizontal StackPreserve white space but hide controls if necessary, can stack controls horizontally
Responsive Grid
Allows you to define max and min widths, mobile to normal Form
Scroll PanelCreates a scroll bar if the controls on the Form are larger than the Form itself
Tab ContainerCreates tabs to allow multiple Forms within one
Vertical Split PanelRe-sizable control allows you to adjust the size of two rows
Vertical StackPreserve white space but hide controls if necessary, can stack controls vertically
User ControlPropertiesMobile/Tablet Support?
TemplatesPreviously saved templates will be in this drop-down
Existing User ControlsAlready created and saved controls
Data RepeaterPlaces a Form within a Form. List of the same typeNo
Data Repeater Add/Remove ButtonData Repeater Forms can be replicated multiple times by using the add/remove buttonNo
Mixed Type Repeater ControlAllows the Form to show many types of data in one control. Users can display different custom data types, strings, booleans, etc.
User DefinedSingle version of data repeaterNo

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