Learning Decisions
  • Updated on 08 Jul 2020
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Learning Decisions

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Welcome to Decisions Documentation! The section headers below are clickable links for immediate reference. Please feel free to leave feedback for content improvement.

What Is Decisions?

Decisions is a no-code business automation platform with a focus on process automation as well as data handling and business rule execution. Decisions offers a wide array of design engines to help create the ultimate solution for any business!

Installation Guide

This document guides the user through installing the Decisions Platform on an App Server or PC. Decisions requires a database connection to function. This example uses Microsoft SQL Server Express, which we consider the most ideal and easiest to use. For other database options, please see the Advanced Installation article section on the left. 

Getting Started With Decisions

Congratulations, Decisions should now be installed! Use this article to find helpful resources on where to get started with the platform.

Introduction to the Decisions Studio

Decisions is a browser-based design Studio and Portal. As a Design Studio, it offers a graphical interface that allows the administrator to create custom applications comprised of front-end Forms, logic Rules, data Reports, and more. As a User Portal, it lets users work tasks and see Pages or Dashboards within an organization, as set by the administrator. 

Designers Overview

The platform contains Designers for Forms, Flows, Pages, Reports, Data Structures, Rules, and Text Merges, all with several variations and templates for each. Designers allow administrators to create and customize entities to build the perfect application for business needs.

Decisions Glossary

This article contains a collection of useful definitions for terms used throughout Decisions.

Introduction to Decisions Modules

This article contains brief descriptions of the Modules that can be added within Decisions for extended functionality.

If an article cannot be found or further assistance is required, please visit our Decisions Support page for more resources and to contact our team.
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