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Learning Decisions

  • Updated on 07 Mar 2019
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If you can not find an article that helps you do what you want to do – feel free to contact Decisions Support. Our support people will either point you to the right article or help you get pointed in the right direction, support@decisions.com.

What Is Decisions?

Decisions is a business process automation platform with a comprehensive workflow, rule, integration and reporting engine. It is designed to streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes and applications.

Getting Started With Decisions

Congratulations, you have installed Decisions! Now, it is time to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Installation Guide

This document steps you through installing the Decisions Platform on an App Server or PC. Decisions requires a database and in this guide we will use SQL Server (for other database options, see the Advanced Installation documentation category). Microsoft SQL Server Express is suitable and the easiest to get started

Introduction to the Decisions Studio

Decisions is a browser-based design Studio and Portal. As a design studio, it offers a graphical interface that lets you create custom applications using forms, logic rules, data reports and more. As a user portal, it lets users work tasks and see pages or dashboards within an organization (as set by admin). For example, you can use Decisions Studio to create a task management application and use the Portal to show users tasks that are assigned to them.

Designers Overview

The platform contains designers for forms, flows, pages, reports, text merges, and rules. Designers allow users to create and customize entities to build an application to meet a business need.

Decisions Glossary

Definitions of terms used throughout Decisions.

Introduction to Decisions Modules

This document contains brief descriptions of Decisions Modules.

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