Create Tile Data
  • 24 Oct 2023
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Create Tile Data

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Step Details

Introduced in Version---
Modified in Version8.15
LocationDashboard Management

The Create Tile Data step is used in conjunction with the Tile Source Flow Behavior to define and provide data for a Page or Form Tile.

This information is mapped via the Tile's step's multiple Line Inputs and can be further customized using options under the STYLES category of the step's Properties tab.

This allows control of the Tile's contents and can be used to add branding, add visual flair, or display information relevant to the Page/Form it is applied to. Tiles can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as additional navigation, as a dynamic way to display statistics (such as user portal access), or as a way to add diagrams to a Page/Dashboard.  


Tile Setup

The TILE SETUP category establishes the content displayed on the Form or Page Tile.

Enabling Advanced Configuration and then either Constant mapping or setting Lines to Build Array allows additional configurations and individual configurations to be applied to each line of data.

PropertyDescriptionData Type

Advanced ConfigurationAllows for additional configuration on Line text such as font choice, alignment, behavior, and an accompanying Icon as desired. Boolean

LinesProvides definition for lines of text on the Tile and allows additional configurations via the Add Value window. List of TileLineInfo

TextThe input text value for the Line.String

Text FontChanges the default Font settings for the text Line. Allows the selection of Font Family, adjustment to Font Size, Font Color, and ability to Bold, italicize, or underline text. ---

Text AlignmentAdjusts the horizontal alignment of the text. ---

Text BehaviourDetermines the text's overflow behavior in the event of text exceeding the width of the Line; options include Wrap or Ellipsis.---

IconAdds an Icon to the Text Line via the Image Picker.---

Icon SizeAdjusts the Height and Width of the Icon. ---

Line 1-5Defines each line of text on the Tile. String
Feature Modifications
Modified in Version8.15
Modification DetailsUnder Actions, when the step is configured for RunFlow, users will not be allowed to pick any Composite Data Type as Flow input.


The ACTIONS category allows the Tile to perform a specified action upon selection.

Property/SelectionDescriptionData Type

Tile Action TypeSelects the action executed when the Tile is selected at runtime. ---

NoneNo action is taken.---

URLNavigate to the website that is defined in the Url Input. ---

UrlProvides the web addresses of the desired website that the Tile navigates to. String

NavigatePortalRedirects the mapped in Page or Folder in the Decisions Studio/User Portal. ---

Folder IdId of the Folder that the Tile navigates to.String

Page NameThe name of the Page that the Tile navigates to. String

EntityActionsExecutes a defined Entity Action upon Tile selection. ---

Entity IdUsed to map in the desired Entity Action.String

Entity Type NameIdentifies the Type of the mapped in Entity Action. String

RunFlowRuns a Flow that displays a Form upon Tile selection. ---

Configure Flow InputsAllows the ability to map in Input Data for the Flow that is executed at runtime.
Note: From v8.15, users will not be allowed to pick any complex data type for the Flow input when configured for RunFlow.

FlowAllows the selection of ran Flow via Flow Id.String

PushDataToControlsMoves Tile Data to desired Form Controls. ---

Data Bus NameMaps the desired Data Bus that is used to push the data to controls.String

Data Bus ValueThe data that is pushed to the Form Controls.String


The STYLES category provides options pertaining to the configuration of the Tile's appearance. 

PropertyDescriptionData Type

Advanced StylingAllows the appearance of the Tile to be configured via the use of uploaded CSS sheets. Boolean

Style SheetsSelects which CSS sheet to apply to Tile. ---

Css ClassSelects a predefined group of HTML to designate how CSS is applied to the Tile.---

Background ColorProvides a color for the background of the Tile.DesignerColor

Border ColorGives the Tile's border the mapped in color.DesignerColor

Border WidthDetermines how many pixels wide the border of the Tile is. Double

Content Horizontal Alignment Determines the horizontal orientation of the data on the Tile; either Left, Right, or Center. HorizontalAlignment

Content Vertical Alignment Sets the vertical orientation of the data on the Tile; Top, Middle, or Bottom.VerticalAlignment

Corner RadiusProvides the degree of roundness for the corner of the Tile.Doubke


PropertyDescriptionData Type
Tile DataThe output data that is sent to the Page or Form Tile.TileData

Feature Changes

DescriptionVersionDateDeveloper Task
Under Actions, when the step is configured for RunFlow, users will not be allowed to pick any Composite Data Type as Flow input.

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