About Tiles
  • 14 Sep 2022
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About Tiles

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Tiles are Page Components that are used to display dynamic and interactive content such as infographics, Forms, a running Flows, etc. Additionally. Tiles can be used as a method of interface and allows for additional opportunities to present brand identity and as way to tie together relevant elements in one location. 

Tiles can be added to any Page by dragging one into a Page Designer workspace via the Toolbox > TILES category, 

The following document discusses the three primary Tile types; Simple Tiles, Form Tiles, and Diagram Tiles; and provides insight into their functions and links to additional relevant documentation. 

Simple Tiles

A Simple Tile is the easiest type of Tile to configure and therefore the quickest way to display relevant data on a Page or Dashboard with background color and styling to achieve a user's desired aesthetic.

A Simple Tile can also perform Entity Actions, navigate to the Portal, run a Flow, navigate a user to a defined URL, and more based on user configuration. 

Diagram Tiles

A Diagram Tile has a unique Designer Studio that resembles a Flow Designer but uses visual Charts, Shapes, Labels, Images, and more to create the content displayed on the Tile. These elements are given their own Properties that can be configured to achieve a specific aesthetic while showing relevant data.

Form Tiles

A Form Tile is utilized to add a Form to a Dashboard. This component has a multiplicity of uses to make a Page/Dashboard interactive including submitting requests, filtering a Report, or displaying data that requires user input. 

For further information on Pages, visit the Decisions Forum.

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