Version 6 Features
  • 06 Oct 2021
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Version 6 Features

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The following document contains main features, general improvements, performance enhancements included in Decisions v.6x, and any features that have since been deprecated from the product. 

Additional Resources
For additional features and updates on releases, please see Release Notes.

New Features 

The following list represents some of the newly added features in Decisions v.6x. 

Decisions Profiler

Tracks Flow performance and efficiency for improved user optimization.

Step Help

Available in Version 6x+, the Step Help feature displays an information icon when hovering over a step in the Steps panel. Selecting the icon launches a tooltip dialog explaining step details and usage parameters.

Theme Editor

Allows developers to customize the Decisions instance from within the Studio.

Advanced Data Grids

Offers Report Viewer functionality as a Form Component. This allows users to easily modify which columns to display on a Form.

External Data Truth Tables 

Truth Tables that may be populated using external data. These tables can be called on for additional Integration functionality. 

Flow Debugger Improvements

Version 6 Debugger allows Designers to utilize the Profiler to help track where a Flow needs improvement. 

Hierarchy View

Shows what the Dependencies are for any entity in the instance. 

Diagram Tiles

Provides a way to display data/Charts in a small panel within a Form/Page.  Diagram Tiles can be called by Forms and can also refresh on Selection Bus

Rule Actions

Rule Actions allow the ability to change a value or add a value to a List

Shared User Actions

Actions that allow a user to create an action they’d like to apply to multiple DataTypes

Flow Compare Utility

Allows a user to compare different Flows and Rules. This feature can be helpful in seeing where changes have been made to a specific element.

Rule Chains

Allows a multitude of Rules to be chained together to narrow down an Output with a single step. 

Declared Dependencies

Creates a relationship if Objects are reliant on each other/other Entities to function. 

Deployment Images

Allows a user to deploy an image onto an existing Decisions instance. Deployment Images are filled with all project resources, Designer Folders, element registrations, Database Connections/Integrations, among a slew of other instance entities.

Mixed Type Repeater

Mixed Type Repeaters allow users to display different Data Types (Boolean, String, etc).

Sample Data

This feature allows users to run tests within Decisions with Data that was used for the Flow to run. Sample Data may also be saved as Unit Tests as well. 

Simple Flows

Simple Flows provide pre-defined steps for easier, more streamlined project building.

General Enhancements

  • Merge Editor has a new and more compact look. 
  • Load designers directly from URL.
  • Clicking “Select From Flow” will trigger an improved Data Mapping Editor to choose from automatically. 
  • Profiler Page 
  • Run Profiler from the Debugger 
  • Import/Export 
  • Mapping Editor 
    • Ability to select from Base Types/Objects
    • Ability to filter Lists and data
  • Ability to pick Base Types
  • Large Object mapping supported
  • Group Edit steps
  • DateRange Report Integration
  • Improved Query Utility
  • Diagram Tile refreshing
  • DataTypes from Excel/CSV
  • SDK Data Extension Properties 

Performance Enhancements

  • Browser memory
  • Memory Usage
  • Flow Engine
  • RuleEngine
  • Folders
  • Assignments

Deprecated Features 

  • Array Extensions: As of V.6x, Array Extension Providers such as Add at End, Insert at Beginning, and ReplaceItems are deprecated/unavailable.
    Note on Imported Flows
    Note that Flows Imported from v.5x environments utilizing these extensions will continue to work/function as expected. 

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