Version 8.7.x Release Notes
  • 30 Nov 2022
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Version 8.7.x Release Notes

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Version 8 Built on .NET 6

Impact on Upgrades 

  • Upgrades from versions prior to v7 require an "uninstall" ahead of installing v8
  • ALL Custom Libraries will need to be recompiled.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be re-written. 
  • Modules may require design refactoring or downloading newer  versions.
  • Running multiple versions with the same database is not supported.
  • LESS files from prior versions are not directly compatible with v8

8.7 New Features (November 15, 2022)

Add Ability to add Icon to Flows and Rules  [DT-034986]

Icons can be added to Designer Elements in their info panels; when these Designer Elements are used within a Flow, their set icon will be displayed as the step icon.

Advanced Text Filter in Report Viewer [DT-036188]

The Report Viewer now features an advanced text filter for String data type data fields. Changes to any conditions can be made at runtime directly from this filter.

Grab Multiple Segments in HL7 [DT-035671]

A new step called Get Segments In Group has been added to the HL7 module, allowing users to define a list of segments to grab from a message.

Parameterize HL7 Emitters [DT-036134]

A new step was added for HL7 called Configure Emitter, which allows a user to set the IP and Port of an HL7 Emitter.

New Steps for HL7 Interface Steps [DT-034533]

There is a new section in the HL7 section of the steps toolbox called Interface Steps. It includes two new steps: Get Receiver By Port and Get Receiver ID By Port. The Get Receiver By Port returns a running Receiver object from memory, but the Id is private. The Get Receiver Id By Port returns the Id of a specified receiver.

Clear Multiple Validation Control [DT-035773]

A new step called Clear Multiple Control Validations has been added, which allows users to select multiple Form controls and clear the validations of those selected controls.

New Step For API Exceptions [DT-035404]

A new step called Throw API Exception With Details was added, which will handle and format data from an API exception.

Override Assertion Consumer URL [DT-035815]

Users can override the Assertion Consumer URL value included in outgoing SAML requests.

Alignment of Text on the Number Box and Text Box [DT-035788]

Left, Right, and Center text alignments were added for Number Boxes and Text Boxes in Normal and Simple Forms. 

Maximize Input/Output Data Dialog Window [DT-035288]

Added the ability to maximize the Input/Output Dialog window in the Flow Debugger.

Enhancing Existing Capabilities

Import Resolution Updates [DT-036391] [DT-036022]

Added a step that will provide correct import issues with its selected resolution. Default Resolution Screen is shown if the import issue count is more than 50. Also, removed the previous Default Resolution screen as it was fully static. Removed Move To Folder, Move To Imported Folder, and Add Other File Resolution. The Go Back button with the Reset. 

Send Documents in DocuSign With CC [DT-035907]

A new option was added to the Send Documents For Signing step, allowing email addresses to be added as CC on Docusign requests.

DocuSign - Add TransformPDFFields options [DT-036372]

There is a new property on the "Send Documents For Singing" step called TransformPDFFields. This allows PDF Fields to be automatically converted to signable objects when uploaded to DocuSign.

NTLM Support in the web service steps [DT-036361]

External Web service steps now have NLTM support. There is a drop-down on the step(s) for Authentication type where the user can choose between "Basic" and "NTLM".

Selecting Cache Type at Design Time [DT-035904]

Added Cache Type Selection to the Put In Cache [Generated Key] and Clear Cache By Name steps.

Improved Search in Simple Form [DT-035779]

Improvements were made to the search in Simple Forms to let controls such as Drop Down List and Password box show up when a user searches for text.

Connect Paths in a Simple Flow [DT-036101]

Users can delete the End steps if the option Constraints Layout is false. When the value is false, the change can not be turned on again. After deleting the End step, one unconnected Done path is displayed, and users can connect this to any desired step to connect paths from two steps into one step.

Improving Rule Set Performance [DT-035986]

Performance improvement around how Rules in a Rule Set are loaded into memory to determine the execution order. The order property on the element registration object is being looked at instead of loading and deserializing all Rules to get access to their order property. 

Priority to Loading Modules from Custom Modules Folder [DT-036376]

Added the ability to prioritize the CustomModules folder if the module zip file is present. If it is not, then the default Decisions.Local folder is used.

Validation For Flow Unit Tests [DT-032710]

A validation warning is now shown when an asynchronous step is added to a unit test Flow source.

UserSessionCount DB index Added [DT-032964]

Added an index based on this stored procedure to help ensure performance.

Update to OAuth Token Report Viewer [DT-036096]

The OAuth provider is now displayed in the Report column on the OAuth Token screen.

Rename OAuth Tokens [DT-036095]

Users can now use the action context menu to rename an OAuth Token.

Module Fixes

Title: [DT-036046] IdP-initiated login does not work with providers other than the primary
Occurs in: 8.4
Description: This Fixes an issue where IdP-initiated logouts were not appropriately handled with non-default IdP providers configured.

Title: [DT-036097] Salesforce Module Install with Providers with Credentials and Poor Naming
Occurs in: 8.4
Description: Default providers were being imported as part of this module installation. Those providers have credentials already configured. Updated Provider objects installed with the Salesforce module with consistent naming and removed key data.

Title: [DT-036246] HL7 Module: HL7 sent messages are appearing in Decisions logs
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixes issue where HL7 logs were not respecting logging levels causing logs to fill up and roll over in high volume HL7 use cases.

Title: [DT-036309] HL7 - Receiver inconsistencies between 8x and 7x
Occurs in: 8.0
Description: Code un-synced between 7x and 8x. Fixed that synch error for the receiver code.

Title: [DT-036344] DocuSign - Signatures try to start on document zero
Occurs in: 8.6
Description: When adding signature positions to a document, the platform would start DocumentId at 0. DocumentId is now starting at 1, so the signature appears correctly.

Form Fixes

Title: [DT-034157] Simple Form Long Validation Not Wrapping
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Validation messages longer than the width of the Simple Form were being cut off instead of wrapping the text to allow the entire error message to be shown.

Title: [DT-034437] Loading Indicator Doesn't disappear on Form with Active Form Flow
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed an issue where the Loading Indicator would not disappear on a Form with Active Form Flow. Added an event to hide the Loading Indicator if it is supposed to be visible.

Title: [DT-035649] Simple Form - Data Grid - Unable to interact with the scroll pagination bar if control is disabled.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Allows scroll bars on disabled controls to still be interacted with by end users. Previously disabling a control would also disable its scrollbar leading to cut-off areas in forms with oversized content in grid cells.

Title: [DT-035747] Run for Outcomes of an AFF on a Data Repeater shows "No Data".
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed a problem where we create an Active Form Flow inside a data repeater that would return "No data". Hidden "Only Run for Outcomes" property for Data Repeaters.

Title: [DT-035801] Simple Form- Container Type- Grid Layout: File Upload control does not respect the 'Horizontal Alignment' property.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: The File Upload control on simple forms was not respecting the alignment property set on the control and would always default to the center of the grid cell it was nested within

Title: [DT-035834] Component Order Changes Functionality in Data Repeaters
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixes an issue with Data Repeaters where the order in the Form component was added to the DR at design time could affect how it renders file data controls at runtime. This fix resolves this bug and ensures that the additional time does not affect runtime performance on Data Repeaters.

Title: [DT-035868] Simple Form Control - Document Viewer- Not getting the correct editor when its Static Input property is true and switching its 'InputType' property.
Occurs in: 8.5
Description: Fixed an issue where the Static Input variable was not calling the correct value on change and would, therefore, not display the correct editor.

Title: [DT-035877] Key Triggers not working for AFFS
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Active Form Flows were not respecting defined Key Triggers.

Title: [DT-035890] Form Control- Document Viewer- 'CSS Class' property is missing.
Occurs in: 8.5
Description: Fixed an issue where the 'CSS Class' property was missing from the Document Viewer Control in Forms and Simple Forms. Added the 'CSS Class' property for Document viewer.

Title: [DT-036051] Simple Form:- Vertical Stack:- Unwanted scrollbar is displayed when getting data at runtime if running Flow in dialog or new window. 
Occurs in: 8.6
Description: This fixes a rendering issue in Simple Forms where Forms with Vertical Stack backgrounds were not growing to the height of the dialogue/display and instead were rendering with a static height with scrollbars. Simple Forms with Vertical Stacks now appropriately grow to the vertical height available/specified.

Title: [DT-036228] Data Label Values are always Null in Active Form Flows
Occurs in: 8.5, 7.13
Description: Fixed an issue where Labels in Active Form Flows would always return a 'Null' value.

Title: [DT-036244] Data Flow Show Loading Indicator Gets Stuck
Occurs in: 8.5, 7.13
Description: When the "Show Loading Indicator" toggle was on, the loading indicator would not go away, which rendered the Form unusable. The 'Show Loading Indicator' property is now respected and the loading indicator goes away as soon as the Data Flow is completed.

Flow Fixes 

Title: [DT-035814] On-Step Run and Start Flows Point to the Same Private Flow in an Assignment
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed an issue where we were using the same FlowId for two different properties(On Step Run, Assignment Start Flow) hence it was always showing the same Flow for both properties. Now both properties are using different FlowIds and added handling for existing flows.

Title: [DT-035823] Integrated Query steps do not work with List input parameters
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Is List property was not working with Oracle. Users can now use 'Is list' parameters for external database query integrations.

Title: [DT-036210] Null data getting passed from Flow to 'Evaluate Any In List' or 'Evaluate All In List' steps
Occurs in: 8.5, 7.11
Description: Fixed an issue where "EvaluateAnyInList" was not including FlowData in the Rule run. This step now properly returns True/False if Any/All elements match the given Rule.

Rule Fixes

Title: [DT-036213] Statement Rule Designer- 'Return True' result changes to 'Return False' on defining an input.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: This fixes an issue where changes to input data on a Rule where causing the Rule's output data mappings to be lost

Title: [DT-036251] Creating Action Visibility Rule in ElementRegistration Configuration Removes Designer Actions For All Users
Occurs in: 7.13, 8.5
Description: Fixed a problem where configuring an Actions Visibility Rule in ElementRegistration would get stuck loading. Even though the Rule was not configured, it would hide all actions for every designer element. Now we check the visibility rules for phrases, and if there are none, it is skipped.

Report Fixes

Title: [DT-036151] Override Action Context on Report Won't Select Case or Folder Extension
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed an issue where you could not select a case entity or a folder extension to map when setting the override action context on a Report.

Page Fixes

Title: [DT-036128] Page Control- Side Menu Container: Tabs are not getting translated even when the 'Translate Text' property is set to 'True'. 
Occurs in: 8.6
Description: Side Menu Container Page Control Tabs were not translated after setting the 'Translate Text' property to 'True'. Side Menu Container Page Control Tab translations are now displayed when the 'Translate Text' property is set to 'True'.

Data Structure Fixes

Title: [DT-034807] Create Types from CSV dialog: 'Ignore Empty Rows' property changes to 'False' after reopening this dialog.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Changed a missed variable setup that resulted in the change not being saved. We now have mapped the "IgnoreEmptyRows" variable, which works correctly.

Title: [DT-035794] Case Entities Not Generating Expected States if State change on "Started" Trigger Flow
Occurs in: 8.3, 7.13
Description: A state change in the initial case state caused an issue loading all other expected states into the newly created case. Initial state trigger flows no longer break additional states.

Title: [DT-036294] FolderViewData fetched 4x on ProcessFolder assignment change
Occurs in: 7.11, 8.1
Description: This fixes a performance issue where assignment changes were causing the parent process folder to unnecessarily load folder data multiple times.

Title: [DT-036296] Case Folder View Data Fetched on State Change
Occurs in: 8.6
Description: We were pulling our recent every time that a folder was fetched, even if they didn't apply.

Title: [DT-036446] Postgres Installations not saving Data Structures properly
Occurs in: 8.6
Description: Decisions Postgres installations where Postgres table name length limits were not being respected, allowing users to create User-Defined Types with names greater than this limit which would cause database update steps to fail

Integration Fixes

Title: [DT-035694] Database not using the Report schema for external database views
Occurs in: 7.11
Description: Additional fixes added for system integration databases.

Title: [DT-036007] Table Relation between Azure SQL Tables Fails
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: This fixes an issue preventing table relationships from being created in Azure SQL when either of the database tables does not use the DBO schema.

Title: [DT-036461] Web Service Reference: Existing web service references will get broken on an upgrade from version 6 to version 8
Occurs in: 
Description: This Fixes an issue where non-standard SOAP web services built against the .net framework would fail after upgrading to v7/v8 .net core. Occurs in all v7/v8 prior to 8.7

Portal Fixes

Title: [DT-033668] Folder View Page is not respecting the Action Display Order defined while adding flows as action
Occurs in: 7.9+
Description: The display order was not respected when adding Flows as an action to a folder using the AddFlowAsAction action.

Title: [DT-033108] Report on 'ID Generation' Folder is Always Empty
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: This Fixes an Issue where the ID Generation folder and Report that show all created Process Folder and Case Pre-fixes and current number counts were missing.

Title: [DT-035571] Favicon is redirected to default one when the instance is upgraded
Occurs in: 8.3, 7.12
Description: Added a new portal setting allowing administrators to upload their favicon to prevent favicon from being lost in the upgrade.
Title: [DT-036090] App Store: Projects Folder should not appear as an app in the app store
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: This fixes an issue where a project was available to download from the app store. The default project no longer shows in the default app store view.
Title: [DT-036091] App Store: installing an app asks for the project name. The name typed by the user is not used.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: The New Project Name field on an AppStore application was not respected when the AppStore application was downloaded.
Title: [DT-036329] Mobile Portal:- Blank Report is loaded with an error in the console when navigating on any folder via URL.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed an error where the proper folder was not navigated to. Added check to ensure there is a value on the property.
Title: [DT-036420] Event Viewer - Scheduled Job Log Page: 'Pending Job' Report data is incorrect.
Occurs in: 8.1 - 8.6
Description: Fixed an issue where an incorrect data source was added in 8.1 for the "Schedule Job Log Page: Pending Report".

Other Fixes

Title: [DT-035727] MT: add the additional tag to control settings.xml on an update
Occurs in: All Previous
Description:  When updating the latest V8 for MT installs, the tag to control settings.xml will now update automatically.

Title: [DT-035846] Folders Disappearing From Folder Tree on Postgres Installs
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Fixed an issue where Folders on POSTGRES instances would disappear from the side panel until the permissions were updated. We have fixed the properties handling the folder to ensure these values do not return NULL.

Title: [DT-035900] Multi-Tenant Adjust InstanceDatabaseConnectionStringTemplate to be a copy of DatabaseConnectionString on Install
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: The InstanceDatabaseConnectionStringTemplate is a copy of the DatabaseConnectionString upon starting services after installation. This removes the need for the user to insert a templated connection string, revise, then restart services again before being able to begin provisioning tenants.

Title: [DT-035946] Tenant Services not getting deleted after deleting the tenant
Occurs in:  8.4
Description:  We were not removing the artifacts and service at the correct place, so the folder was getting deleted, but Services were not included.

Title: [DT-036067] Multitenancy - The tenant's file storage path in setting.xml is not updated if the path is changed for the control instance.
Occurs in:  All Previous
Description:  This fixes an issue where tenants created on an MT environment were not respecting a custom file storage path set on the control instance. New tenants will default to the customized file storage path on the creation and can be manually edited after creation if needed.

Title: [DT-036092] Space at end of Project Name breaks exporting due to file pathing
Occurs in:  All Previous
Description:  Spaces at the end of a project name would cause exports to fail.
Title: [DT-036094] Unit Tests Creating Module Resource Dependencies with everything in the Project
Occurs in:  All Previous
Description: Fixed an issue where the Unit Tests would include all entities in the project to export. Unit Test should only declare as export entities the ones it is related to.

Title: [DT-036099] Help Text (Tool Tip) is not added as a Dependency When Exporting
Occurs in: 8.4
Description: Fixed an issue where Tooltip Objects were not being added as dependencies on project export. The dependency checker now appropriately prompts the designer to add tooltip objects on export or check-in.

Title: [DT-036149] Respect Console Logger Settings For Kestrel Logs.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Kestrel logs levels were not respecting the log level set in system settings causing logs to fill up with info and debug level logging, reducing their ability to be meaningfully used.

Title: [DT-036164] Multi-Tenant - User assigned to Tenant Only gets Logged in to Control if Logging in While Tenant Services are Stopped 
Occurs in: 8.4
Description: Users are restricted from logging in to the control instance by default if the user is not assigned to the control instance.

Title: [DT-036195] Add a way to subscribe to EventsHub directly from FrontEnd
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: Due to the handler being used, subscriptions could not be made to/from the front end. The system was updated to make this possible.

Title: [DT-036269] Incorrect password entry on tenant redirects to primary
Occurs in: 8.0 - 8.6
Description: Fixed a bug in multi-tenancy where the user was redirected to the Primary Instance when they entered an incorrect password.

Title: [DT-036270] Tenant Password Reset Uses Primary for Password Reset.
Occurs in: 8.5
Description: The Forgot Password link routed the tenant user to the primary/control password reset Page; now, the Forgot Password link will route the tenant user to the tenant-specific Forgot Password Page.

Title: [DT-036318] Show original error message on Import Progress Screen.
Occurs in:  All Previous
Description: The Import/Checkout process runs in a new thread, so if any unhandled exception occurred, the original message would not show on the progress screen; in this case, the user needed to view logs. Started showing the Original exception message on the progress screen.

Title: [DT-036367] Repository: "Check In - Add Missing Parents" Form is missing "the" in the sentence "Unselecting will perform commit with these items not included"
Occurs in:  7.14, 8.6
Description:  Fixed the Form text to more accurately reflect the expected result.

Title: [DT-036389] Type not available on another node in clustering.
Occurs in: All Previous
Description: This fixes a database deadlock when starting multiple cluster nodes simultaneously. Both servers were attempting to check generated code bucket assemblies simultaneously. This action has been moved to after startup to avoid this deadlock situation.

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO
  • Unsupported Modules if Hosting in Containers
    • Powershell 
    • SolaceMQ 
    • Python 

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