About Version 6
  • 09 Jul 2020
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About Version 6

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Decisions 6 is a release of Decisions that is a face lift to the End User Portal and the designers. Navigate to the Release Site to install Version 6.

Main 6.0 Features of Decisions

Profiler (Performance)

Machine Learning/AI

  • R
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Microsoft

Rest Service Updates


  • Assignments
  • Folders
  • Rule Engine
  • Flow Engine
  • Memory Usage
  • Browser Memory

Flow Compare Utility

Edit Object Copy Pattern

Rule Engine Changes

  • Rule Chain/DMN Style Rules
  • Rule Types Restructured
  • Champion/Challenger and A/B Testing
  • Better Rule Metrics
  • Rule Set UI Update
  • Rule Dashboard/Analytics
  • Missing
  • Sample Data
    • Matrix
    • Rule Set
  • External Truth Table (rules evaluating against external data or spreadsheets

Import/Export Improvements and Fixes

Deployment Image


  • Select Value Dialog Changes
  • Integrated Simple Type Changes
  • Ability to select from base types/objects
  • Ability to filter lists and data
  • Data Type Creation (Ability to pick base types)
  • Large object mapping supported
  • Using the Mapping Editor


  • Tuning
  • Rework Forms Outside Portal/Integration Detail
  • Advanced Data Grids

Docker Containers (API Only, Restricted Access)

Multi Control Data Repeater

  • Drive from data samples
  • Streamline

Data Types from Excel/CSV

Excel/CSV Based Reports

Directly load designers from url


  • Data Extension Properties
  • Introduction of Metrics for recording data and sending to an external system like DynaTrace / Data Dog / Azure App Metrics
  • Machine Learning Implementations added (this did not change the SDK, but the ML libraries are available to the SDK developer now.)
  • Updates to dependent libraries like Amazon Web Services, Azure Services, Active Directory Updates, FHIR Updates
  • Introduction of Defined Interfaces (Input / Output Restrictions on folders)
  • Additional control of Flow Designer and Rule Designer Elenents in Behaviors
  • Introduced a helper class for easily creating rules, flows, pages and reports via the SDK.
  • Updated jQuery libraries
  • Introduction of the Docker system includes a version of the DecisionsFramework in the SDK for writing .NET CORE extensions that run in docker or other embedded environments.

Hierarchy Reports

Simple flow

  • Ability to unconstrained
  • Rework control gallery
  • Unify end steps
  • Ability to define rules directly
  • About Simple Workflows

Additional Features and Changes in Decisions 6

  • System Validation Improvements
  • Defining Interfaces for rules and flows
  • Declared Dependencies
  • Diagram Tile refreshing
  • Theme Editor
  • Improved Query Utility
  • Less Structure Simplified (Note, LESS needs to be refactored)
  • Improved Create Dialogs
  • Date Range Report Integration
  • Remove Startup assignments
  • jQuery Update
  • Native Mobile Application
  • Improved Multi Tenancy
  • Improved Searching
  • Case Management Improvements
  • Repository Improvements
  • Getting Started Page for New Installs
  • Support for Contained Databases
  • Rule Actions
  • Shared User Actions
  • Mixed Type Repeater


  • Improved image handling
  • Thousands of new images included

Form Tiles

Backup Util



  • Inbound
  • Outbound


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