Version 8.1.x Release Notes
  • 21 Jun 2022
  • 18 Minutes to read
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Version 8.1.x Release Notes

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Version 8 Built on .NET Core 6

Impact on Upgrades 

  • Upgrades from versions prior to v7 require an "uninstall" ahead of installing v8
  • ALL Custom Libraries will need to be recompiled.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be re-written. 
  • Modules may require design refactoring or downloading newer  versions.
  • Running multiple versions with the same database is not supported.
  • LESS files from prior versions are not directly compatible with v8

Updates 8.1.1 (May 25,2022)

Importing Updated Converter Flows in Clustered Environments [DT-034229]

8.1.0 Enhancements (April 27, 2022)

New Design and Actions for Ignored Cells in Truth Tables [DT-034548] [DT-033214] [DT-033229]

Ignored cells in Truth Tables are now redesigned and displayed as grayed-out cells. In addition, new actions have been added for ignored cells and merging/unmerging cells.

New Scheduled Job to Delete flow_step_run_data [DT-034438] 

The new 'Remove Flow Step Run Data' scheduled job, by default, will delete from the flow_step_run_data table in the database for any flow step run data that is more than 7 days old.

New Query Types for Fetch Entities step [DT-027702]

The Query Types IsInList and NotInList were added to the Query Match Type field for the Fetch Entities step.

Open Source Copyrights on System Information [DT-034524] 

Users can view the Open Source libraries and their copyrights from the System Information dialog window.

New Steps for Amazon AWS Module [DT-034592] 

New steps are now available for the Amazon AWS module for use with SageMaker.

Rearrange Either/Or Statements [DT-033111]

Users are able to rearrange the either/or statements using the Move Up/Move Down actions.

Highlight Text in Rich Text Editor [DT-034371] 

Users can now add a background highlight to text in a Rich Text Box control for a Form.

Override Verbs in Truth Table [DT-033709] 

New action 'Override Verb' added to Truth Tables that allows a user to select a new verb for a column.

Merge String Lists [DT-034315] 

A new step was added called 'Merge String Lists By Line' which will merge two strings lists into a single list separated by a specified separator character.

Add Background Image to PDF [DT-034449] [DT-034474] 

A new step has been added that lets users add a background image to PDF files with an option that allows a user to override an existing background. To learn more, see Add Background Image To PDF step.

New Steps for Amazon Module [DT-033751] 

New steps have been added to the Amazon Module that includes: Create a VPC, Create Internet Gateway, Create Subnet, Attach Subnet to Route Table, Authorize Security Ingress, Create Network ACL Entry, Launch Instance, Create KeyPair, and Attach VPC Gateway. To learn more about these steps, see Amazon EC2 Step Glossary.

Allow Temporary Credentials for SQS Message Queue [DT-034131] 

Users can specify temporary credentials to use for the SQS message queue to have access to the queue.

Turn Off Autoplay for Video Control on Forms [DT-031205] 

Users now have the ability to turn off autoplay for video control on a Form.

Upload Metadata File for OData Service Reference Integration [DT-033855] 

Users are now able to upload a Metadata file when creating an OData Service Reference.

Sort Rule Set by Order [DT-033833]

A new option was added called "Sort by Order before Run" that will sort the Rules by their specified order before the Rule Set runs.

Enable Maintenance Mode as an Administrator [DT-033818] 

Administrator accounts can now enable Maintenance Mode

Default Email Template Refreshed [DT-032298] 

The Default Email Template now includes an updated design style.

Sort PDF Fields [DT-033498] 

Field names on a PDF Form can now be sorted using the Get PDF Form Field Names step.

Use Tile Flow as Input [DT-033813] 

Users can map inputs from a Tile Flow onto the Create Tile Data step when selecting the RunFlow as a Tile Action Type.

Performance Fixes

[DT-034309] Improve API Performance for Flows, Rules, etc
[DT-034390] Slowness in Simple Flows
[DT-034466] Optimize GetFolderViewData service call
[DT-034627] Performance Issues around Active Form Flow Set > Control Values

Security Fixes

[DT-034292] HSTS enhancements

Module Fixes

[DT-032388] AD Module Update to Set New Password Step
[DT-032797] AMQP Module support for AMQP+SSL
[DT-033580] FHIR Module> Cast FHIR Resource to FHIR Type Step Is Not Displaying Proper FHIR Type Names
[DT-033603] "Repository Module" shows up under the Data Sources section and errors removing it from a report
[DT-034046] Inability to connect to ActiveMQ using AMQP Protocol
[DT-034261] Create 'Get Opporotunity by ID' step in SalesForce
[DT-034421] XML Error in USPS Module Step
[DT-034577] SolaceMQ does not attempt to reconnect after a delay
[DT-034621] GitHub Modules Getting Reinstalled on Restart
[DT-034725] Github module auto-update preventing startup

Form Fixes

[DT-030992] Container: Background Image not displayed if name contains special character '()'
[DT-031298] GridPopupEditor: Item is getting added even after clicking on the close icon
[DT-031414] Number Box: Continuous network calls when changing Min And Max values on the property grid.
[DT-031475] Vertical Stack: Controls are not able to drag at a specific position.
[DT-032481] Active Form Flows: Get Control Value does not return the value of File Data type
[DT-032498] Error on Exit/Close of Form
[DT-032789] List: 'Hide Value When Control Is Disabled' property from the 'Visibility Rule' is not working for these controls
[DT-033123] Property Grid: Size and Tabs Property Dialog inside Form Designer doesn't Show validations
[DT-033185] Advanced Data Grid - Inline Edit Grid Mode Selection Is Not Saving Initially
[DT-033237] Adding a new form to a flow leaves the form name set as just "[Form]"
[DT-033275] Multiple File Download: Control does not get default focus when tab index is 1
[DT-033412] List Box/ Combo Box as Multi-Select: Complex Types: 'Display Field' dropdown on the existing form displayed as blank
[DT-033452] File(s) Upload Area box does not resize to fit the Height
[DT-033456] Clip and Button Type Files Upload Control do not Respect Vertical Alignment
[DT-033464] Button on File Upload And File Download Control does not resize after adjusting at Properties/Size and Tabs
[DT-033480] TextField Control: Value change event gets triggered when passing an empty value to it
[DT-033487] Radio Button List formatting breaks on a mobile form
[DT-033636] Form Side Panel Cannot be Toggled OFF on In-Session Forms in v5
[DT-033705] Mobile App: Missing RequiredOnOutputs for some controls
[DT-033741] Depreciate Data Forms and Rename 'Generate Data Form' action to 'Generate Form'
[DT-033770] Data Grid > InLine Edit > On Date column cell for invalid value focus is lost and returns back when clicked on Tab
[DT-033886] Simple Forms not resizing properly
[DT-034119] Simple Forms folder structure
[DT-034145] The bottom panel of the View Completed Form dialog is also displayed within the data repeater.
[DT-034148] Simple Form - Control within the data repeater hidden via visibility rule is displayed on the View Completed Form
[DT-034149] Normal Form - Control within the data repeater displayed via visibility rule is hidden on the View Completed Form
[DT-034254] Horizontal Timeline Update after Form Flow Completion
[DT-034267] Simple Form Control:- Button as Outcome and Event are not resized in given min & max-height
[DT-034283] Experiencing interruption while typing answers in text fields
[DT-034287] Data Repeater and Active Form Flow - Main form data flow not triggered on form load via repeater value change event
[DT-034290] Simple Control - Data Repeater value change event gets triggered multiple times when using legacy data flow within the repeater
[DT-034535] Advance Data Grid inline edit configuration has a random delete action that cannot be removed

Flow Fixes

Breaking Change:  [DT-033887] Allow Simple Flow Steps to be renamed via Favorites
On upgrade, attempts to edit an existing Simple Flow Branch or Rule step favorited in 7.11 will error.

Run the following query and restart Decisions
SELECT * FROM favorite
WHERE override_name ='ENTER YOUR CURRENT NAME HERE' (Observe reference_type is blank).

Then, run a second query:
UPDATE favorite
SET reference_type='DecisionsFramework.ServiceLayer.Services.ConfigurationStorage.ElementRegistration|Flow|Default'

[DT-032291] Branch Process Step: Incomplete warning message is displayed when the number of branches is less than 2
[DT-032372] PropertyGridDialog: On resizing the dialog, the content within it does not resize
[DT-032655] "After Save Flow" runs twice for external entities
[DT-032671] Setup Process Folder: 'New Unique Process Number' output is not displayed after picking any property from the 'Make Unique' dropdown
[DT-032737] Drop Down List flows cannot have the same input
[DT-033098]  [List] Get From Cache/ [List] Clear From Cache: Validations are displayed on the 'Cache Instance Name' and 'Cache Type Name' fields even after providing their values
[DT-033126]Data Explorer Area, Searching Using A "." Does Not Work As It Does In The Toolbox And Samples/Unit Tests Areas
[DT-033127] Data Explorer, Inputs That Are a List Are Not Displayed As Lists
[DT-033129] Run Unit Tests Does Not Actually Run Any Unit Tests in the Flow It Just Emails Users With the Stale Data
[DT-033165] Create Type From CSV: Ignore Empty Rows is not respected
[DT-033166] Multiple Run Flows for List steps creating flows with identical names causes missing flows when checked into the repository
[DT-033234] Deleting a Rich Text Label Annotation step doesn't remove it until you reload your flow
[DT-033446] Issues with Raw SQL Step when output data is set to true and primitive (String, Int, etc) output types are used
[DT-033508] Sort Array Step throwing "Value cannot be null. Parameter \path\'" error
[DT-033511] Hide Property Grid Does not Work
[DT-033595] File Upload/File Upload Area controls: An exception message is displayed on the 'Get Control Value' step after uploading a file on these controls
[DT-033601] Simple Flow Step using edit flow with data repeater form requires config flow panel to be resized before showing changes
[DT-033675] Adding Run Rule Step after Branch/Merge Process in Simple Flows causes the false path to automatically routes back to the Merge Process Step
[DT-033694] Flow Run Part: Shows error dialog on submitting a flow
[DT-033699]  'Default Page Type' setting is not respected when navigating back to the same folder
[DT-033759] Run Flow: Inputs provided in 'Warning/Valid Image' and 'Validation Break Symbol' are not displayed on the form when 'Override Validation Settings' is enabled
[DT-033765] UnZip Steps Are Broken
[DT-033781] Run Flow: All the controls displayed on the form get disabled if 'Multi Select Drop Down' control is disabled
[DT-033783] When terminating SSL at Load Balancer, the 'Secure' Security Option in Integration Settings is not being respected
[DT-033784]  Session not found error dialog is displayed after closing data designer
[DT-033796] DocuSign steps are not replaced in a flow
[DT-033840] Debugger Dialog: Does not have any padding
[DT-033914] Multi Tenant SAMLDefaultCreateAccount Flow Needs Path Change
[DT-033951] Add After Dialog: Icons are broken for all the nodes present under .Net Libraries
[DT-033979] The user can edit additional output data on rules in the debugger
[DT-034003] TypePickerEditor: Unable to select type after search if it already selected
[DT-034026] Samples/Unit Test: Arrows are displayed unnecessarily even if there are no Samples/Unit Tests to display
[DT-034036] Invalid Tracking Behavior: Properties of the 'Start New Flow' drop-down does not get changed on changing its value until re-editing the flow
[DT-034041] PDF to PCL Step Name input Value Requires '.PCL' to Generate Correct File Type
[DT-034229] Cluster Sync Issue: Importing update to converter flow is not replicated across all nodes in a cluster
[DT-034255] Mapping Editor: "First" Mappings Break on List Properties of User-Defined Types
[DT-034324] Mapping Editor: An error is displayed on deleting an item with 'Build Data' mapping nested under the 'Build Array' mapping for system datatypes
[DT-034422] Multithreading issue in RunFlowForList step
[DT-034441] Mapping steps inside user flows lose mappings
[DT-034477] Flow Step: "Parse Date With Format" has a typo in the default error message
[DT-034597] Rich Text Lists Not Displaying Properly

Rule Fixes

[DT-031631] Matrix Rules/Tree Rules Types: An error is displayed on closing the debug dialog of these rules
[DT-031952] When a tree rule in a rule set evaluates as true, if Interceptor Rules are allowed, the Rule Set will not complete execution
[DT-032840] Rows Move Up action and Columns Move Right and Left actions are not prompting save change
[DT-033271] Truth Table Designer output variable changes do not show up without exiting the designer
[DT-033732] Truth Table performance issue when using either header actions or DecisionsDefinedType
[DT-033776] Truth Table > Selecting Ignore Mapping for "Evaluates True" should disable Cell
[DT-033892] "Create Composite Type" on Truth Tables generates a type with a non-unique id
[DT-034025] Explain to the user why Rule Table cannot be exported as DMN
[DT-034162] Deleting a rule in the ruleset causes a "Rule not found" error next time you run the set
[DT-034173] Enabled Rules don't work on Truth Tables
[DT-034223] Actions are not getting added for a newly added row
[DT-034224] External Truth Table designer gets broken when setting Allow Actions as false if there is any Action Header
[DT-034289] Unable to export DMN even if it is compliant with DMN Standard if the rule table has 'Decimal' type condition
[DT-034297] "Rule Audit" does not capture data for External truth tables
[DT-034298] [DT-032979] Need Flow Data in rules to include the rule folder name
[DT-034492] Data Extension flow needs to be created via action and should be removable (for sake of performance)
[DT-034493] The Converter Flow used as an input for Change Value action is not registered as a dependency
[DT-034555]  'Move to Right/Left' actions of columns are not working properly
[DT-034680] Truth Table: cells in a newly added column should not be disabled
[DT-034774] TruthTableService: RemoveRuleInput and RemoveRuleByPosition throw exception

Report Fixes

[DT-032267] Subtotals summary overlaps on the grouped field's label when it is very long or the page is resized
[DT-032277] Report sourced by CSV file with fields having spaces created invalid report type step
[DT-032343] Add Calculated Column dialog: The validation border is not displayed after clearing the required fields
[DT-032717] Grouped By- DateTime: Drilldown report displays no data after changing the sequence of the columns from 'Filter Layer'
[DT-032743] An error is displayed on switching the views, after clicking on the 'Go To Home Folder' action of any account
[DT-032755]  Assignment Data Source: An error is displayed on adding filter 'Assigned To Group (Folder Permission)'
[DT-032903] Multiple 'Runtime Editable Filters' dialogs are displayed after clicking on the 'Edit' action multiple times
[DT-033157] Report Download of Exported Report Dialog Too Small
[DT-033174] Adding a report source that utilizes the table field property datetimeoffset (x) errors out the report
[DT-033246] Most settings changed for report charts are not respected at runtime when certain special characters are used in chart name
[DT-033265] Long filter names get formatted poorly
[DT-033306] The "Date Range Filter" throws a validation warning when you remove it from your report
[DT-033312] You can turn a filter into a button for the report designer
[DT-033620] Report-header-container report-header-dialog will remain up when a user switches to a different folder
[DT-033708] Report > Infinite loop occurring for child report when a parent sent parameter is null
[DT-033871]  On browser refresh, an unwanted parameter gets added to the URL when no row is selected
[DT-034436]  Unable to edit Page and Report entity via URL if it contains the DirectEdit action
[DT-034655] Error fetching data on Report sourced by Oracle Table Integration

Page Fixes

[DT-031144]  An error is displayed on creating a Chart Data Flow
[DT-034056] An error is displayed on the Designer surface if the chart title has a Script tag
[DT-034138]  Validation is displayed on the portal slider even when there is no validation in the designer

Data Structure Fixes

[DT-034055]  An "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error is displayed when removing the 'Type Name Space' after providing the structure name
[DT-033673] Unable to use the nested data structure as type in data repeater
[DT-032934] Import Data from CSV action - Error is thrown for null numbers/dates
[DT-033089] Entity Data Structure: The value required is not respected and no validation is displayed on an empty string variable when creating the entity VIA action on a folder
[DT-033678] Folder Extention: Default Action Bar Visibility property is not respected
[DT-031669] Double Quotations added to the “Display Label” for a field in Data Structure cause compile error

Installer Fixes

[DT-029199] Update installer error message from 2008 or newer
[DT-034447] Cannot install against Postgres with non-default DB user
[DT-034515] Oracle Table Integration: Unable to run insert step due to Datetime formatting

Integration Fixes

[DT-031672] View Integration Details page: Output displayed on the page for the type 'JSON' is not prettified
[DT-034423] Decisions DB connection string in plain text

Infrastructure Fixes

[DT-032753] Postgres: Unable to use batch insert step on leased database structure
[DT-032958] Postgres> Add Relationship: When using with user-defined data structure it is not working and an error is displayed when clicking on a column
[DT-033758] Postgres: System Folder - Update Security Folders: An error is displayed when updating it
[DT-033866] Postgres: Event Viewer - Account Login History/Scheduled Job Log Page: Report is not loading and an error 'There was an error while loading the report' and report is not loading' is displayed on it
[DT-033943]  DB Connection: Setting DB type dropdown to AZURE shows MICROSOFT SQL SERVER properties label
[DT-034384] Container not starting if Powershell module is already installed on DB
[DT-034446] Connection string for Postgres missing 'Database=xyz'
[DT-034629] Container does not start when a database is Postgres

System / Portal Administration Fixes

[DT-026854] Groups added/removed do not get reflected on the 'New User Default Groups' and 'Groups Allowed To Create Root Folder' settings until saving the portal settings
[DT-028246] Default URL Parameters on Groups do not save when pulled from Designer Repository
[DT-032761] Folder Actions Button Selection Type Not Changing Image or Action Buttons
[DT-032778] Folder Permission: 'Make Design Pattern' action should not be displayed if the user doesn't have CanAdd permission
[DT-033120] Portal Base URL in Setting.xml gets changed when upgrading to the latest version if SSO is enabled and HTTPS is configured
[DT-033396] My Apps: Icons - From File: Icon images are loaded in the folder tree but not on the App Store
[DT-033611] Folder Tree: Does not update the currently selected folder when navigation is done from breadcrumbs
[DT-033627] Folder Tree: Adding a new language folder in the "Languages" folder shows 2 "Languages" folders in the Folder tree instead of showing a new language folder under the "Languages" folder
[DT-033628] Recent Folders Tab: lose the extra space where the triangle would normally be
[DT-033661] Breadcrumb: Home icon does not respect the default folder set for the account
[DT-033696] Portal Setting: 'Show recent' setting is not respected
[DT-033697] Folder Tree: Sub Folder added on one node of the cluster is not displayed on the other node
[DT-033710] Portal/Studio Settings: Changes made on one node of the cluster are not reflected on the other node
[DT-033761] Designer Studio/Portal does not render properly when 'Slogan Text' provided under 'Designer Studio Settings/Portal Settings' is long
[DT-033849] Icons: System Validation Icons Are Not Loading Properly
[DT-033854] Side Menu Container causes dashboard crash
[DT-034052] Folder Tree - Nothing happens when clicking on the add folder root icon
[DT-034123] Pin Folder: After deleting a folder, it is still displayed in Favorites
[DT-034127] Folder Tree: Subfolders under the 'System' disappear after configuring their properties if any existing/new folder is deleted
[DT-034139] Folder Tree: 'System' folder is displayed when switched to the portal from the 'Account' folder of the designer studio
[DT-034244] Portal Sidebar - Selection change from 'System' tab to 'Folders' tab on selecting any system folder added as a Root Node
[DT-034442] System tab occasionally not available after server restart
[DT-034448] Portal Side Bar: Creating a folder after navigating from the 'System' tab to the 'Folders' tab, creates it inside a system folder
[DT-034649] Folder Actions: Move To action is available to the folder only having Can Edit, Can View, and Can Open permissions

Other Fixes

[DT-026694] Repository - Cannot Remove Deleted Rule's Dependency Bug
[DT-026771] Increase Information on AD Sync Log error Message
[DT-027467] Suppress RemoteRepositoryService Logs
[DT-030245] SelectElementRegistrationEditor: Selected entity name should be copyable
[DT-031124] Request to have the all constants report included in the product
[DT-031148] Add Impersonation Dialog - Start/End Date DateTimeEditor - Validation tooltip overlaps on the calendar picker
[DT-031662] SHM/DecisionsService failing because of the "document has no data assigned" error
[DT-032149] Full Opacity on Disabled Text
[DT-032333] Process View page does not auto-refresh on changing the assignment displayed on it
[DT-032469] Update Submit Feedback flow and form
[DT-032576] Unit Test as Input: Object reference not set to an instance of an object error is displayed when closing Pick or Define dialog
[DT-032747] Validation Overlaps Type Picker Editor Dropdown
[DT-033467] ColorRule CssClassName is not applied at runtime
[DT-033537] Tab Header disappearing after scroll appearing
[DT-033588] Repo doesn't handle "Create Composite Type" generated types from Truth Tables
[DT-033622] "Delete Repository Checkin" action should be hidden
[DT-033651] Log Are Flooded When Using the Theme Editor
[DT-033683] Checkout / Import Process - Errors Occur During Import When QueryDefinition With 'Return Date' Disabled Is Imported Over Version with 'Return Data' Enabled
[DT-033737] Workflow Tab: Is displayed to the user with no permission
[DT-033749] App Store: AppDetails page is loading as blank
[DT-033768] Password settings provided under 'Portal settings' do not respect when the password is reset for any accounts
[DT-033780] Integration Settings: Setting Security Option to 'Secure' throws an error
[DT-033792] Database index option does not create a DB index
[DT-033811] Error on repo checkout on project conflict between repo and importing environment
[DT-033843] Repo Settings: "API Timeout (in minutes)" setting is ignored
[DT-033883] Integration Details Page: type name is shown in the example POST body
[DT-033922] V8 UI - Rounded Button Corners
[DT-033935] No Connection dialog: top corners shouldn't be rounded
[DT-033938] Google OAuth Token fails to refresh with an error
[DT-033948] Unable to edit any entity via URL if it contains DirectEdit action
[DT-033992] Memory leak around folders cache
[DT-034014] Header Response Is Too Large
[DT-034020] Update Login Message when License Expired for better UX
[DT-034030] Rest service calls do not respect authorization headers
[DT-034057] Installation - IIS: Mobile Portal - Actual Device/Simulator: The desktop form is rendered instead of the mobile form
[DT-034063] Integration: Certain Results Are Not Aligned Properly
[DT-034130] Visibility Rule Breaks Tabbing Functionality
[DT-034164] Import Session Profiling
[DT-034199] Inbox Folder - My Task List - Tiles View should be removed from the 'Current Assignments' report as it is not supported
[DT-034238] If both create database index and index values are unique are checked on an integer field, the field name is used instead of the table name
[DT-034300] Move file location of Serialog.txt from /Serialog.txt to /Logs/Serialog.txt
[DT-034320] SMTP Password Textbox Does Not Mask Entered Text on Installer Settings
[DT-034321] File Storage Info Files Display as 1 Continuous Line
[DT-034322] X509 certificate error in Linux
[DT-034333] Allow folder to be a dependency
[DT-034374] 'The password must have at least one letter.' message in the error dialog is displayed when creating an account by setting its password as a number only
[DT-034390] Slowness in Simple Flows
[DT-034413] Need to separate w3c logs from kestel logs
[DT-034419] Document cache should not be stored in the system/user temp folder
[DT-034443] Active User Count reports number 2
[DT-034444] Verbiage for auto response has a misspelling
[DT-034462] Query fails for agent database integration
[DT-034521] Modify Process Mining Password Creation
[DT-034541] Upgrading from Version 7 to 8.1 Will Cause the Updated Portal Sidebar to Not Appear
[DT-034542] New users can't register properly and use the system
[DT-034545] OAuth Token Requests aren't handling 400/500 codes as they did in 4
[DT-034557] Upgrading Breaks Some In Progress Assignments
[DT-034569] Support Chat - Chat window does appear on any designers if it is already opened in the background
[DT-034608] Email Field on Account does not allow underscore after the @ sign
[DT-034638] Include IP address in error when login attempt made from address not allowed
[DT-034673] Local module requires a restart in Conventional VM and Container
[DT-034759] Mobile Portal: Simple Form displayed as blank on running workflow catalog flow twice

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO
  • Unsupported Modules if Hosting in Containers
    • Powershell 
    • SolaceMQ 
    • Kafka 
    • Python 

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