Query Editor
  • 10 Feb 2022
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Query Editor

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The Query Editor is a Designer-level tool inside the Decisions Portal that allows a user to write Queries against any established Database Connection. These Queries can be saved for future use and are available for quick access. Additionally, the results of any Query can be downloaded and saved as a CSV file.

The option Allow Designers to Use Query Editor under System > Settings > Designer Studio Settings > QUERY EDITOR. If this option is checked, all Designer users will have access to the Query Editor and will be able to execute queries.

The Query Editor can be found by right-clicking any Designer Project and then selecting Other > Query Editor.

Features of the Query Editor

To ensure that data is not caught in the cache, changes in the Query Editor should be followed by a service restart.
  1. Selecting Query Editor will open the New Database Query window. On the right side of the window, is the Connection drop-down menu that allows the user to choose any established database connection. 
  2. In the search bar, enter "entity_account" to search the database connection for the specified Table. 
  3. Inspect the schema of the Table by expanding the dropdown to the left of the Table name.
  4. Generate a Query against a table by selecting the Action menu icon when hovering over a Table.
    Alternate Query Method 
    As the Query Editor allows the ability to perform Queries on Tables within a selected Database, SQL Queries may also be Generated manually by providing them in the form of text input in the box on the left-hand side, and then clicking RUN.
  5. In the entity_account action menu, select Generate "Select" Query.
  6. On the left-hand panel, click RUN.
  7. After the Query runs users have the ability to take the results of the Query and export them to a CSV file by clicking Download as CSV. If desired, users also have the ability to save the query for future use by clicking SAVE, naming the query, and selecting Save once more.
  8. In the Designer Project, users can see saved queries and have the ability to re-run them via the action menu.

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