Version 9 Features
  • 23 May 2024
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Version 9 Features

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This article introduces the new features and enhancements intended to enhance the platform experience. From refined user interfaces to advanced tools and performance optimizations, these are key features that empower users, improve productivity, and elevate the overall user experience. 

Performance Improvements

Decisions has undergone significant optimizations, resulting in an overall performance increase averaging around 15-20%. 

Noteworthy advancements include a nearly 50% reduction in Case Creation Time, a remarkable 45% decrease in Container startup time, and a 73.8% reduction in Windows Server startup time. These enhancements signify a substantial boost in efficiency, offering users a faster and more responsive experience within the platform's ecosystem.

New Features

Project Hub Overview

ProjectHub provides an enhanced framework and a new interface that offers project management, project configurations, visibility of project entities, dependencies, version comparisons, and more.

PublicThe Public folder in the Project replaces User Studio to host end user-facing processes. The Public folder will include two folders:
  • Catalog: The Catalog is the earlier known Workflow Catalog, similar to older versions. This folder provides a centralized location for end users to access and run the processes.
  • Public Folders: This folder will contain the interactive folders used by the end-users.
Project SettingsThe Project Settings allow designer users to configure the entire Project, including project activities, health, integrations, configurations, jobs and events, and security. This article outlines all the available settings within the Project.

A To-Do is a feature within the Projects that serves as an actionable note, enabling seamless communication, task prioritization, and efficient assignment management. It acts as a centralized hub for teams to organize, track, and collaborate on various tasks.

Compilation ProcessVersion 9 changes the code compilation process by triggering compilation exclusively at the project level, ensuring faster and more targeted recompilation.
Run Flows for List in Cluster

Run Flows in a Cluster is a new step added to v9 that will disperse work across all nodes in a cluster.

Internal Methods Step

Removing all of the methods under .NET Libraries and all of the services under Internal Services, and instead, these sections will only have one step each.


Project DependenciesVersion 9 introduces a new way of creating a dependency.

Users can use entities from another project only after creating a dependency. To do so, the entire Project must be declared as a dependency on other projects.

Project DocumentationGenerate detailed documents encompassing various project attributes, from health to dependencies, integrations, and more.
Enhanced User Experience

Form Controls have new default styles. 

The Flow Designer has new style and icon updates.

Action menus have been organized to include header categories distinguishing an action's purpose. Disabled actions will show as greyed out.

Rule Set ManagementThe Rule Set Page has been overhauled, allowing users to create, manage, test, and deploy Rule Sets quickly and efficiently.

  • A new display of Rules and Flows allows quick enabling and disabling of Rules.
  • The ability to create inputs and test the Rule Sets has been improved.
  • Visualization of Conditional Rule sets and templates has been improved.
Process Mining InsightsWith 'Process Mining Automated Insights,' gain valuable, high-level insights into processes through various insightful metrics, enabling better decision-making without delving into intricate details.
Module DetailsThe Module Details dialog provides detailed information about the module, including steps available with the module.
  • The Quick Help section will provide the information required for the module.
  • This dialog box provides a direct link to the documentation for users to navigate.

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