Platform Architecture
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Platform Architecture

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Incorporated within advanced enterprise ecosystems, the operation of the Decisions platform necessitates the presence of an Application Server and Database Source. These components have specific installation requirements. Access to the platform is facilitated through a user-friendly web-based Portal and/or RESTful API services. 

Platform Components

At the core of the Decisions platform are two pivotal components: the Application Server and the Database Source. These components form the foundation for the platform's functionality and interaction with users and data.

Application Server: Serving as the operational heart of the platform, the Application Server is responsible for managing and executing business processes, workflow automation, and decision logic. Its installation is accompanied by specific prerequisites tailored to ensure optimal performance. The Decisions platform may be installed on any Windows Server or VM that meets minimum hardware specifications.

Database Source: The Database Source is vital for data-driven processes, with tailored installation for efficient storage and retrieval. The platform supports PostgreSQL and MS SQL. Basic setups involve an Application Server with a single Database. Explore advanced deployments in articles on Containers, Clusters, and Multi-tenancy.

Access Mechanisms

To interact with the Decisions platform, users are provided with two primary access mechanisms:

Web-based Portal: The web-based Portal provides a user-friendly interface for platform interaction, enabling process execution, data access, and workflow management for enhanced productivity. Decisions operate as a web-based platform compatible with modern HTML5 and CSS3-enabled browsers, eliminating the need for plugins. The Studio is responsible for logic creation, and configuration is optimized for Chromium browsers, while the User Portal offers broader browser compatibility.

RESTful API Services: A collection of RESTful API services is available for developers and integrators seeking a programmatic approach. These services empower users to interact with the platform programmatically, enabling seamless integration into existing systems and workflows.


Decisions come with a long list of pre-built integrations to common applications like Salesforce, DocuSign, and Sharepoint. The platform supports SAML-compliant identity management like Active Directory and Okta. It also connects to all the major database vendors, such as Oracle and Postgres, and open sources databases like MySQL and even NO-SQL DBS.

Every Rule, every Flow, and every Report may be called externally through REST and SOAP services; Decisions is equally adept at making these calls to external services.

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