Using The Repository
  • 09 Jun 2022
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Using The Repository

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The Designer Repository contains all shared Designer Projects that have been stored and saved within an environment. These Projects can be sent, imported, or added to the Decisions Repository.

To take full advantage of the Repository Actions, Designer Elements can be grouped into a Designer Project, which can then be added to the Repository. The following document demonstrates how to use the Designer Repository from a connected environment.

Add/Removing a Project to the Repository

The steps to add or remove a Project to a Repository is similar to adding/removing Designer Elements to a Project, with the key difference being what category to run the action.  To add a new project to the Repository:

  1. Right click the project > Designer Repository > Add to Project

To remove a Designer Element from a Project in the Repository:

  1. Right click the Designer Element > Designer Repository > Remove from Project [Project Name]

Checkout/Update Project from Repository

  1. Navigate to System > Designers > Repository
  2. Select the CHECKOUT/UPDATE PROJECT button from the top Action bar. 
  3. Search for and select the Project, and Branch, then click CHECKOUT. If Advanced is checked, a specific Revision can be used instead.
  4. If any items require updating, select UPDATE, if not, close out the window via X.
  5. The Project will begin to download. Once the Project has finished downloading, select Continue.
  6. The Import Resolution Screen will appear if there are any validation issues after importing the project. Certain resolution actions will not be available depending on the Designer Element. 

    Import Resolution ActionsDescription
    Ignore Issue and ImportIgnores any validation issue and Imports the Designer Element
    Import to Current FolderImports the Designer Element to the currently selected Folder
    Exclude from ImportExcludes the selected item from import

Once the import completes, the Project will be available in the Folder Tree.

Committing/Sending Project Changes To Repository

Any changes to a Project can be checked into the Designer Repository. To check in a single Element (such as a Flow, DataStructure, etc...) to a Repository, it must be assigned to a Project. This Project may be either one created specifically for the element or as part of a pre-existing project. 

  1. Right-click the desired Entity or Project.
  2. Select Designer Repository > Checkin Changes for Project [Project Name].
  3. A new Form will open. Any items that are checked will be included in the commit.  This will open an additional form displaying the count of entities.
  4. If the resource count for checked-in items is greater than the value defined in the Repository Settings, a separate form will open, displaying the count of the Designer Elements. Select Review
    Items will then begin to be checked into the repository. Any errors during the check-in will be shown in the following Form.
  5. A revision number will be provided once the check-in has been completed. Select CLOSE after confirming that the changes were committed. 

Revert Changes In Project

This option allows the user to revert any changes that may have been made in the Project. 

  1. Right-click the desired Project.
  2. Select Open > Open Folder View.
  3. Right-click the Entity Name and select Open > Open Commit History.  
  4. Right-click the desired Revision ID and select Revert Revision.
  5. Confirm with OK.  The instance that the Repository is in may need to be restarted to apply changes

For further information on Repository, visit the Decisions Forum.

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