Repository Settings
  • 02 Jun 2022
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Repository Settings

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The Repository Settings can be accessed by navigating to System > Settings > Designer Repository Settings.

Setting NameDescription
Use Authentication SSO ProxyEnables the use of Single Sign-On when committing changes to the Repository.
Repository ServerThis setting is used to store the URL address of the Designer Repository.  /Primary will need to be appended to the end of the address in order to use the Repository.
Show Repository ActionsShows the Repository Actions when right clicking Designer Elements
Exclude Unit Tests from RepositoryExcludes Unit Tests from being included during check-in or checkout of a Project
Exclude Generated Data Structures from RepositoryPrevents generated instances of a Data Structure from being included when checking in a Project.
Allow Checkout to Delete DependenciesAllows the Checkout action to remove deleted dependencies from an environment.
Do not display detailed list if checkin/checkout resources greater than (0 = always show list)Prevents individual items from being displayed when checking in/out a Project. By default, the items will appear if there are less than 250 items to be displayed.
Repository API TimeoutDetermines the length of time before a request to a Repository environment times out.

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