Document Viewer On Form
  • 14 Feb 2022
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Document Viewer On Form

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The Document Viewer control display documents in a Form. 

Supported File Extensions

  • ,txt
  • .html
  • .pdf
  • .css
  • .png
  • .jpg

Unsupported File Extensions

  • Word file extensions (.docx/.doc)
  • Excel file extensions (.xlsx/.csv)
  • Powerpoint file extensions (.pptx)
  • .exe
  • .json
  • .xml
  • .xps
  • .tiff
  • .ods


For this example, a Form displays a PDF document. 

The PDF file resides as a Document Entity in the Decisions Portal and will be mapped via its Document ID. 

  1. In a Designer Project Folder, create a Flow.
  2. In the Flow Designer, add the Show Form step from the Favorite Steps Category.
  3. In the resulting dialog, name the Form and select Create to proceed to the Form Designer.
  4. In the Form Designer, add a Button for end users to submit the Form. From the Data category, add the Document Viewer control.
  5. Resize the Document Viewer control to provide a better view. Change its Input Type to FileData.

    The Document Viewer control can display a static document if the Static Input check-box is set to True. Either provide a static FileData or define a Data Name and insert FileData from the Flow.
  6. This completes the Form. Save the Form and close the Form Designer.
  7. In the Flow Designer, select SETUP INPUT DATA. Configure an input data of the FileData data type to appear in the Document Viewer. Save and exit the Flow Input Data window.

  8. On the Input of the Form, map the FileData value created.
  9. Then debug the Flow and drag in one of the supported files types into the Flow to see it displayed on the Document Viewer.

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