Multiple File Upload and Download Controls
  • 21 Jun 2022
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Multiple File Upload and Download Controls

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Forms may contain a Multiple File Upload/Download control that allows end-users to upload or download multiple files at runtime.

The inputs received from the Form control can be mapped in a Flow by defining the data as FileData or a File References datatype.


  1. In a Designer Project, create a Flow.
  2. In the Toolbox panel, attach a Show Form step to the Start step. On the Properties panel, click PICK OR CREATE FORM and create a Form.
  3. Configure the Form to have a Button (Submit) and a Multiple File Upload control (files). On the Properties panel, change the OutputType field to FileReference.
  4. Click Save and close the Form Designer, then Debug the Flow. Pass in example files, any files passed in will have its name outputted from the step.

Multiple File Control Properties

Below is an overview of the Common Properties section for the control. Most of the properties found here are also shared between File Upload and File Upload Area controls.

NameThe name for the control when added to the Form. This is used in the Tab Editor section to locate the control on the Form
Data NameThe name of the data source used by the control. This will appear as an output to the Form step. 
Output TypeThe OutputType of the uploaded file. This will determine what type of items will be passed out of the Form step. 
Specify Max File Size
If checked, an option to set max file size will be available.

Max FileSize
Sets the max file size for the control.
Specify InputsAllows inputs to be specified for the control. The type for the input is determined by the OutputType. 
Specify Allowed ExtensionsIf checked, controls what file extensions are allowed to be passed/used by the control.
Specify Extension From FlowIf checked, provides an option where only certain extensions can be passed to the control. 

Allow Extensions Data Name
Specifies the object used to retrieve the data that will be passed to the control. If an object matches the OutputType, then it can be selected using Pick From Data. For Data Flows, the Pick From Data option will be available if an output matches the OutputType

For Active Form Flows, the name must be manually added to the textbox.
Invalid Extension MessageSpecifies the text displayed when an invalid extension is passed to the step
File LabelDefines the label text that appears on the control
Override Required MessageIf enabled, allows the required message to be overridden.

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