Currency Box and Number Box/Spinner
  • 06 Jun 2022
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Currency Box and Number Box/Spinner

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The Currency Box, Number Box, and Number Spinner controls in a Form display and/or prompt integer inputs from the end user while supporting different formatting and customization options. 


For more information on configuring a Form's settings, see Configure Forms.

Common Properties

The following Common Properties settings are available for Currency Boxes and Number Boxes. Number Spinners present only the first three settings in the table below.

Setting NameDescription
NameName of the control
Data NameName of the control's data
Output OnlyToggles if the control's data displays as an output only. If so, this disables direct end-user editing instead displaying the mapped output value as static
Override Required MessageToggles the appearance of a unique validation error message for the control

Required MessagePrompts input for a validation error message if one were to occur for the control
Output TypeAllows selection of the control's output data type

OutputAsDecimalOutputs the control's data as a Decimal 

OutputAsDoubleOutputs the control's data as a Double 

OutputAsIntOutputs the control's data as an Integer 
FormatAllows selection of the format for the control's data

Decimal DigitsPrompts the appearance of the number of decimal places within the control

Show Number Group SeparatorToggles appearance of a number group separator within the control's data

Number Group SeparatorPrompts which value acts as the number group separator within the control's data

Setup Data

Setting NameDescription
Define Max and MinToggles prompt for maximum and minimum integer values

Get Min and Max From DataNameToggles prompt for separate data names for minimum and maximum integer values

Minimum DataNamePrompts input for the data name of the minimum integer value for the control

Maximum DataNamePrompts input for the data name of the maximum integer value for the control 
MinimumPrompts for the minimum integer value
MaximumPrompts for the maximum integer value
Currency Symbol (only for Currency Boxes)Prompts for the currency symbol
IncrementPrompts for the integer value to increase/decrease the control's data
Decimal Places (only for Number Spinners)Prompts for the number of decimal places
Do Not Format Whole NumberToggles if formatting occurs on a whole number within the control. When enabled, this removes decimal spaces if an inputted number contains no decimal values
Is EditableToggles the ability for the end-user to edit data within this control 
Allow Null ValueToggles ability for the control to accept no data values. If disabled, a zero will display instead of a null value
AutoPopulateToggles the appearance of a default value within the control

Initial ValuePrompts for a default integer value upon initializing the control
Auto Select on FocusToggles whether data within the control is selected upon focusing on the control. When disabled and focusing on a control, the data within is not selected by default.

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