Layout Overview
  • 11 Jan 2022
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Layout Overview

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Layouts arrange a Form's controls in a variety of organizational structures.

Layouts are found in the Toolbox in the Layouts Folder. Multiple Layouts can be inserted to, for example, denote sections on a Form or placed within another Layout for more interesting and precise formatting. 

The Form's Layout settings are housed in the Form's settings accessible by clicking on the empty, checkered space and then selecting the Properties tab.

Selecting a Layout 

To view Form Layouts, navigate to a Designer Folder and select Create Form on the Folder Actions Panel. Then, name the Form and select CREATE to proceed to the Form Designer. 

Then, from the Properties tab on the right, locate the Layout section, configure the Container type via the dropdown. Choose from Canvas, Grid, Vertical Stack, Horizontal Stack, and Tabs. These Containers have different behaviors in terms of Form element positioning.

The following table details all Layouts available in the Layout Toolbox Folder:

Layout NameDescriptionExample Image
Grid Layout
Default Layout; organizes controls with cells created by columns and rows
Canvas Layout
Provides blank container as a background to place controls on top
Header Container Layout
Provides a container similar to the Canvas Layout with a Header label above
Horizontal/Vertical Stack Layout
Organizes controls by dynamically resizing them, can fit the Layout or feature a scrollbar


Responsive Grid Layout
Organizes Layout sections of the Form that dynamically resize
Scroll Panel LayoutProvides container with horizontal and vertical scrollbars for when content extends past container's size. Useful for small Forms and/or Forms with extensive text such as a comment thread
Split Panel Layout
Organizes controls with two panels, either horizontally or vertically, that can resized by dragging the Divider
Tab Layout
Organizes controls with clickable tabs that can each host their own Layouts, controls, etc

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