Introduction to Decisions
  • 03 Jun 2022
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Introduction to Decisions

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Welcome!  Click the headers below or browse the Decisions knowledgebase menu categories.

What is Decisions?

A no-code, rules-driven business process automation platform geared toward all types of business processes and all types of people.

Installation Guide

Walks administrators through installing the platform on an Application (App) Server or PC using a database connection.

Introduction to the Decisions Studio

Provides visual designers and tools to create customizable logic and applications capable of running in the end-user Portal.

Designers Overview

Build tailored Forms, Flows, Rules, Reports, Pages/Dashboards, and more.

Glossary of Platform Terminology

A collection of useful definitions for terms used throughout the platform.

Step Glossary

A list of popular pre-built platform Steps with details such as name, description, category, inputs/outputs, etc.

Introduction to Decisions Modules

Brief descriptions of the Modules, or plug-ins, that extend platform functionality.

Please visit the Decisions Support page for further assistance.

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