Introduction to the Studio
  • 27 Sep 2021
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Introduction to the Studio

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The Decisions Studio is the interface within the Decisions environment where creative development occurs. From the Studio, Designer Elements such as Flows, Forms, and Rules can be created and configured to work together as applications for performing a user's specified business processes. 

User Portal 
As the Decisions Studio is utilized for creating various Designer Elements, by contrast, the User Portal by used by the End-User to access specified elements.

Additionally, Administrative users utilize the Decisions Studio to control access specific Settings, handle affairs such as assigned tasks, or apply Permissions to specific user Accounts. Such Permissions allow Admins the ability to control which objects can be viewed/used by an Account.

The following information discusses the Decisions Studio and demonstrates how to utilize/access some of its primary features.

Additional Resources 
For information on how to adjust Settings pertaining to the Decisions Studio, see Designer Studio Settings.

Folder Organization

All Folders are stored and sorted on the left side in what is referred to as the Folder Tree. The Folder Tree is sorted into the following out-of-the-box categories:

  • My Documents
  • All Assignments
  • Getting Started
  • Inbox
  • My Apps 
  • System

When a Folder is selected, its contents and any other details are displayed on a page in the Studio View. When a Folder or element is selected in the Studio a list of Actions can be seen on the right side.

Additional Information
This view shows Actions that can be taken on the selected Folder or element as well as all the element's details.

To add an additional Designer Folder or Folder, select the plus icon next to the FOLDERS header at the top of the Folder Tree.

Designer Folders

A Designer Folder is a Folder that holds other Folders, Designer Folders , and Designer Elements. The elements are created by selecting from the Action menu displayed at the bottom of the Designer View. As elements are created and stored in a Designer Folder the contents are organized by category and the title can be seen above the created element.

For example, after a Flow is created the Flow will be saved in the Designer Folder under the category called “Flow”.


The contents of a Folder will be different from that of a Designer Folder. Folders may contain other Folders or are used for displaying Dashboards, or they holding data that is stored in Decisions.

Permissions On Folders

To control access to specific Folders/Designer Folders, Admins may utilize Permissions. These Permissions are settings that give rights/access to specific users for a Designer Element or Folder. This may be applied for design purposes and Security for the Designer Folder.

App Store

Decisions contains a Folder called the App Store. This Folder contains multiple default example projects that can be installed within the Decisions environment.
Clicking on the Details button displays a landing page that summarizes that specific Application and its associated Decisions elements.

System Folder

Select the System Folder from the FOLDERS list on the left. This Folder contains a Dashboard Page of some important metrics related to the Decisions environment.
Inside of the System Folder, there are several nested Folders that contain a multitude of different configuration options for the environment.

Additional Information
The Systems Folder houses additional performance tools, Account management sections, Scheduled Job sections, and more. 

Searching the Studio

Above the FOLDERS list is a Global Search Bar for the Decisions environment. 

As demonstrated in the screenshot below, searching for a term (in this case 'Example') in a crowded Decisions environment returns all of the Designer Elements/Decisions Objects related to the keyword; this search is available within each Folder as well.

Additional Information
Users are able to conveniently access the Action Menu of a line item in the Global/Folder search results so that tasks can be performed immediately.

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