Add Expected State
  • 18 Jan 2023
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Add Expected State

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Step Details

Introduced in Version4.0.0
Last Modified in Version7.12.0

The Add Expected State step adds for a new state to a Process folder. This state can then be reached using the Set State steps found under the same toolbox category.



PropertyDescriptionData Type
ColorThe color for the state as it will appear in the Process folderDesignerColor
State NameThe name of the stateInt32

Common Errors

Missing Process Folder

The step requires the use of a Process Folder within a Flow. If the following error is thrown, ensure that the Flow utilizes a Process Folder.

Exception Message:

Exception Stack Trace: DecisionsFramework.Design.Flow.ErrorRunningFlowStep: Error running step Add Expected State 1[AddExpectedState] in flow [Testing Flow]: Exception invoking method AddExpectedState on class InfrastructureStepMethods ---> DecisionsFramework.LoggedException: Exception invoking method AddExpectedState on class InfrastructureStepMethods ---> DecisionsFramework.LoggedException: Cannot use step on flows without a process folder
   at DecisionsFramework.Design.Flow.CoreSteps.InfrastructureStepMethods.AddExpectedState(String stateName, DesignerColor color) 
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at DecisionsFramework.Design.Flow.StepImplementations.InvokeMethodStep.Run(StepStartData data)
   at DecisionsFramework.Design.Flow.FlowStep.RunStepInternal(String flowTrackingID, String stepTrackingID, KeyValuePairDataStructure[] stepRunDataValues, AbstractFlowTrackingData trackingData)
   at DecisionsFramework.Design.Flow.FlowStep.Start(String flowTrackingID, String stepTrackingID, FlowStateData data, AbstractFlowTrackingData trackingData, RunningStepData currentStepData) 
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

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