Debt to Income Calculator
  • 06 Dec 2022
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Debt to Income Calculator

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Article Summary

This Debt-to-Income calculator allows customers to quickly and accurately determine a borrower's current ratios to evaluate risk tolerance for new lending products for small to mid-sized financial institutions. Unlock borrowing potential by easily integrating the Debt-to-Income Calculator into a current LOS or Core system.

What's Included

Below is a list of items included in the Application. Hidden items are marked with an asterisk. 

  • Debt to Income Calculator [Primary Flow]
  • Debt to Income Calculator Form [Form]
  • Quick DTI Calculator [Flow]
  • * Reset DTI Calculator [Active Form Flow]
  • * Show Results Labels [Active Form Flow]
  • * Calculate Current DTI Value [Active Form Flow]
  • * Validations [Active Form Flow] 

Glossary of Terms

Annual Household IncomeGross earnings before taxes. This includes base salary, commission, bonuses, and or tips.
Monthly Gross IncomeAnnual Household Income divided by 12
Monthly DebtsMonthly debts include minimum credit card payments, student loans, car loans, personal loans, and mortgages or rent.
Current DTIDebt-to-income ratio is calculated as Monthly Debt divided by Monthly Gross.


Restart the environment once the application is installed. Follow the below sections on Implementation to embed or run from a URL as a service.

Embedding the Form

The Form can be used on an external page. Follow the article on Embed a Form in a Web App to achieve this implementation.

Run the Flow from a URL

Flows can be run using a URL. This can be accomplished on the Primary Flow, Debt to Income Calculator, or on the calculation sub-flow, Quick DTI Calculator. Follow the Running a Flow from a URL article to achieve this.

Debt to Income Calculator Flow [Primary Flow]

This Flow runs the DTI Calculator Form, which allows the borrower to quickly compute a Debt-to-Income value in percentage based on given Monthly Debt and Annual Household Income.

  1. Run the Debt to Income Calculator Flow to open the Debt to Income Calculator Form. 
  2. In the Annual Household Income Currency Box, enter the gross earnings before taxes. This Annual Household Income will be divided by 12 to get the Monthly Gross income. 
  3. In the Monthly Debts Currency Box, enter the total amount of debt paid monthly. 
    Hover on the ToolTip icon to display help text. If the help text is not displaying as expected, restart the environment and try again.
  4. Select CALCULATE. This populates the Current DTI Percentage in the Results field.
  5. Select RESET to clear all Form Fields.

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