Showing Hidden or Deleted Items In a Folder
  • 11 May 2022
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Showing Hidden or Deleted Items In a Folder

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Changing a Folder's Report in its Folder View may toggle the visibility of any hidden and/or deleted items in the Folder.

Report changes in a Folder are preserved during export so multiple instances may maintain the same desired Folder View.

The following Reports toggle hidden or deleted item visibility Folder View:

  • All Folder Items (with Hidden)
  • All Folder Items (with Deleted)
  • All Folder Items with State

Once visible, deleted items may be recovered. Recovering a deleted item returns the item back to the regular Folder View and it is available for use in any process. 

Showing Hidden Items

  1. Begin in the Folder View of a desired Folder or Designer Project, on the Report, select the Gear icon then click Change.

  2. Select the desired Report option (for this example All Folder Items (with Hidden), then click PICK REPORT.

  3. The Report now displays both hidden and unhidden items within the Designer Project as shown by the True (hidden) and False (unhidden) groups.

Recovering Deleted Items

Deleted items contain unique actions:

Action NameFunction
Set Archive DatePrompts for DateTime the deleted item will be archived. 
Unarchive [Item Type]Removes the item from the archive. 
Undelete [Item Type]Restores the item back to the regular Report View. The item is now available for use in any process.
  1. Repeat steps 1-2 in the Show Hidden Items subsection and instead change the Report to All Folder Items (With Hidden).
  2. Right-click on a deleted item in the Folder. In the Action Menu, select Undelete [Item Type] e.g. Undelete Flow to recover the item.
  3. Once an undelete action is complete, it will return to the default Folder Report used in the other views.

For further information on the Portal, visit the Decisions Forum.

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