About Folder & Portal Permissions
  • 29 Sep 2021
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About Folder & Portal Permissions

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Portal Folder security sets access to the contents of a Folder, including the Entities stored in the Folder and the Actions that can be performed on them. Depending on a Report's filters, Folder security may also restrict how data displays on Reports. By default, a Folder inherits permissions from its Parent Folder. Unless inheritance is disabled for a Sub-Folder, it will get its permissions from its parent (this relationship cascades to all levels).

Parent Folder Inheritance

In the Folder structure below, all Folders would have the exact same permissions unless inheritance was disabled for one. Jane would have administrator rights to all Folders:

  • Folder 1 ( jane@example.comhas permission to Administrate this Folder)
    • Folder 1.1 (no specific permissions set)
      • Folder 1.1.2 (no specific permissions set)

In the Folder structure below, john@example.com would only have permission on Folder 1 because Folder 1.1 has no permission set, and is NOT inheriting from a parent. Folder 1.1.2 is inheriting from Folder 1.1, which has no permissions.

  • Folder 1 (John@example.comhas permission to administrate this Folder)
    • Folder 1.1 (no specific permissions set, permission inheritance disabled)
      • Folder 1.1.2 (no specific permissions set)

Setting Access Permissions

An administrator sets Group and Account access permissions for Folders. A Group or Account may have permission to view a Folder's contents or may have full administrative rights.

  1. To set Folder security in the Portal, click on the Folder and select Manage > Manage Permissions
  2. In the Manage Folder Permissions pop-up, in the Accounts section, click the Add button. 
  3. Click the Account selector to grant permission to an Account.

  4. Select an Account from the list and click OK. This is where you could also edit permissions or delete Accounts.

  5. To edit permissions, select the Account and then select the Edit Button
  6. On the Edit object Form, all the different permissions are listed and can be selected/deselected as needed.

Specific Permission Types

Permissions Types
Can UseAllows the user to utilize Designer Elements within a Folder. For example, if a user enables Can Use on a Folder, they will be able to utilize any Flows, Forms, Reports, Pages, or Rules within that Folder.
Can OpenAllows the user to open Sub-Folders or process Folders contained within that Folder. Enabling this permission also enables Can Use.
Can ViewAllows the user to view a Folder and its contents in the Folder tree.
Can EditAllows the user to edit tags on the Folder and its contents, by allowing the ability to add or delete tags. Enabling this permission also enables all preceding permissions.
Can AddAllows the user to add Entities to a Folder. For example, if the Entity is a Designer Project, it allows the user to add Flows/Rules/etc to that Folder. In the case of a Folder's contents, Can Add lets users add relevant documents and comments to pieces of respective data. Enabling this permission automatically enables the Can Use, Can Open, and Can View permissions.
Can DeleteAllows the user to delete the Folder. Enabling this permission also allows users the ability to delete Folders that may be nested within the Folder the permission is set for. This feature also enables Can Use, Can Open, and Can View permissions.
Can AdministrateGives the user all permissions to the Folder. Allows functions such as, managing permissions on Folder, renaming Folder, and enables other permission types.
Can See HiddenAllows the user to view items marked as hidden inside this Folder.
Can See ArchivedAllows the user to view the contents of the Archived Folder.
Can View Browse PageAllows the user to see Browse page link. 
Enabling the:
  • Can View permission does not allow users to interact with data. It merely allows them to view it.
  • Can See Hidden users must toggle other features if they wish to enable them.

To disable Permission Inheritance: select the Folder, select Manage > Permissions: Disable Permissions Inheritance. This feature is not available to root Folders, as they are not inheriting properties from any Folder.

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