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  • 12 Aug 2022
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About Forms

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Forms are an interactive front-end interface for user input constructed within a graphical, no-code environment: the Form Designer. The Form Designer allows any Designer, regardless of skill or experience, the power to efficiently construct their personalized Forms in just a few clicks consisting of Form controls. A Form must exist in Flow to operate; however, one Form may occur in multiple Flows for a streamlined user experience.

Several example use cases of what Forms can accomplish include:

To start creating your Form, visit the Create a Form article.

Form Types

Decisions offers a variety of Form types to meet the production needs of any process while considering the Designer's preferences. 

Normal Forms are the most common Form type. Once reached in runtime, the Form will pause the Flow until the Form is completed. 

External Forms are Forms designed to gather data via external interaction such as HTML and/or service call integrations.

End Forms are Forms with a standard closing message; the Flow will continue when the Form displays. 

Form Backgrounds set the appearance of Interactive and End Forms.

Dynamic Features

Forms can be set to behave dynamically by configuring Input Data and Form Rules.

Input Data

Input Data is information that needs to be passed into the Form; it is defined by navigating to the Properties panel > Form Data > Input Data and clicking SHOW EDITOR. The Form Input Data dialog presents the option to define Input Data.

Once defined, the Form Designer's Data panel will reveal Flow Data, System Constants, and Input Data. These variables can be placed in the Form of Text Boxes, Labels of Data Value/Name, or Rich Text Box/Display.

Form Rules

Form Rules logically govern how a Form behaves based on process input. Form Rules, located within the Form Properties, contain four sections:

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