Minor Version Update Guide
  • 23 Feb 2023
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Minor Version Update Guide

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Back-Up Before Proceeding 
Before continuing with any update, the following should be backed up to avoid potential errors during the process:
  • Database and file system - make a note of the DB Server and DB Name
  • Settings.xml - found at  C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Server
  • Keys.dat - found at C:\Program Files\Decisions\FileStorage\Primary\Settings
  • FileStorage folder - found at C:\Program Files\Decisions\

  • For upgrades to 8.5 and newer versions:
    • As part of the change included for the DT-035693, the storage location for LESS files will be moved. This will cause custom LESS files to be lost upon upgrading. It is recommended that users create a backup of any custom LESS files.
    • Changes that were made using the Theme Editor will persist upon upgrading.
  • For upgrades to 8.9 and newer versions:
    • Download and install the latest versions of the following from the .NET Microsoft site:
      • ASP.NET Core Runtime 7.x.x (x64).
      • .NET Desktop Runtime 7.x.x
      • ASP.NET Core Runtime 7.x.x (Hosting Bundle).

Throughout the course of a major version release (for example, v8), additional minor releases (such as v8.2 or v8.1.3) are periodically released to address the need for new features, bug fixes, and security and stability issues within the program.

In such instances, Decisions Installations of a matching major version can be updated using DecisionsServerInstaller.exe.

Upgrading the Clustered Environment:
  • IIS-hosted: Turn OFF the Decisions Services on all the Nodes. To do so, run iisreset/stop from the Command Prompt/PowerShell as Administrator.
  • Self-hosted: Turn OFF the Decisions Services on all the Nodes. To do so, Stop the Decisions Services from the Windows Services.
  • Follow the given Steps, and upgrade the nodes one after the other. Ensure to upgrade the second node only after the first node's upgrade is completed and the service is running.


  • Pre-existing major version installation
  • When running a Self-Hosted environment, IIS (Internet Information Systems) must be stopped via the Stop action; this prevents potential Port conflicts in the update process. 


  1. From the local file system, right-click DecisionsServerInstaller.exe and select Run as administrator.
  2. From the Decisions Installer, click UPDATE. If desired, check the Change Settings on the Update box. 
  3. Read and agree to the License Agreement by checking the I accept terms of the License Agreement box, then click Next

  4. Overwrite the configurations from the Settings window to the File Storage screen as desired (per Installation Guide), or leave the previously utilized configurations and click through each window via the Next button.
    Note that these screens will only appear if Change Settings on Update were previously enabled. 
  5. Review and correct any System Requirements before proceeding with the Next
  6. Review the settings and summary on Review Install Options. Then, click Next. 
  7. The Installer will download and install the most recent Minor Version of the currently installed major version; click Show Details to view the progress of the update process.
    To stop the upgrade, click Cancel, then exit the Installer. 
  8. Once the minor version update concludes, click Finish to exit the Installer.
    If desired, enable Launch Decisions Portal to open the login screen after clicking Finish.

Multi-Tenancy Update

Updates must be applied to both the Control and its subsequent Tenant Instance(s) if updating a Multi-Tenancy. This method varies depending upon the method in which the Tenants were added to the environment.
For more information, see Multi-Tenancy: Upgrading a v8 Environment

For further information on Installation, visit the Decisions Forum.

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