Release Process Overview
  • 03 Jun 2022
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Release Process Overview

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When new versions are released to the public, customers can expect certain types of behavior and changes to occur.

To help adapt to these changes, the following article is written to help understand how the product is released, version naming conventions, and how each version is supported. 

Release Naming Convention 

The following diagram displays how each version of a Decisions Installation is named. 

Product Release Strategy 

The Product Teams develop two different versions of the Product concurrently; these versions are referred to as the LTS (Long Term Support) and Current versions. 

The following chart demonstrates the standard release cadence for these versions.

MajorTypically every 18-24 months

Additionally, typically every 18-24 months, a new Major Version is released. Upon public release, this version takes over as the new Current release, and as a result, the preceding version becomes the new LTS version, and the previous LTS version is deprecated from Software Support (see the following diagram for information on how versions are introduced/phased out of Support).

Version Support 

With each release, Support is provided with new features, code fixes, and Security and stability updates. Depending on the version of the product being used, each version may receive different kinds of support. In the case of these versions, the Current and LTS Releases take precedence with receiving the most support, 

Deprecated Version Support
Note that deprecated versions of the product are not provided Code Support except for exceptional circumstances. 

Each Major Version is fully supported for a minimum of 24 months after its initial release. For example, Version 6.0 was released on 6/25/2019. Thus, Version 6 is fully supported through at least June 2021.

The table below demonstrates how each Release Version is supported. 

Support TypePrevious Versions (Currently v.6 and below)LTS (Currently v.7.x) Current (Currently v.8.x)
Tech Support

New FeaturesXX
Bug FixesX

Stability Issue FixesX

Security FixesX


  • Which version is the best to start with? 
    • It is recommended to start with the Current version as this version is offered quick fix access, and will be stable for production by the time a customer reaches the Production stage. 
  • How should a customer plan their upgrade path Post-Production?
    • Most Decisions customers take 3-4 releases at a time.
    • Customers typically upgrade twice a year if using LTS, and four times if Innovation. 
  • Are versions backward compatible?
    • Decisions expends great effort to retain backward compatibility between all versions Major or Minor.

For additional information on Releases and their features, see the Decisions Forum.

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