Troubleshooting Multi-Tenant Environments
  • 30 Oct 2023
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Troubleshooting Multi-Tenant Environments

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Article summary

The following document provides information about potential issues that may occur during the installation/use of a Multi-Tenant environment. This information is subject to the event of new Minor Releases.  

If the Control Instance Does Not Start 

If the Control Instance's Decisions Server does not start after applying a checkpoint, proceed through the following troubleshooting methods.

If the Error Stems From Lack of Socket Access Permission

  • From DecisionsServerInstaller.exe or Settings.xml, change the ServerType from Hosted to Unmanaged and back to Hosted.
  • Ensure that the Decisions Server is restarted each time the ServerType is changed. 

If the Server is Self Hosted 

  • Verify that IIS is turned off.
  • Note that IIS starts automatically after reapplying at a checkpoint. 

If one of the Instances was Recently Updated 

  • Verify that the Control and Tenant Instances are the same version.
  • If the versions are incompatible, the previously created Account will not be able to log in. 

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