Creating a BPMN Flow
  • 17 Mar 2022
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Creating a BPMN Flow

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Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a standard notation system that is used to graphically represent business processes. Users can create Flows using BPMN steps or upload preexisting BPMN XML files into Decisions for conversion into a Flow. This allows users the ability to use BPMN as a base for laying out projects 

BPMN Steps

The BPMN steps are located in the Toolbox panel under DATA > BPMN

ACTIVITY Provides step to Call Activity which provides a method for performing an action. 
DATAOffers steps that deal with data handling. This includes Input, Output, creating a Data Object, or storing Data. 
EVENTSProvides steps pertaining to events in a process. 
GATEWAYS Steps that allow the user to split the Path of the Flow/BPMN Diagram. 
PROCESSProvides a step for running Sub-Processes (similar to Sub Flow functionality). 
TASKSProvides steps relating to specific tasks. 


  1. In a Designer Project, click CREATE FLOW and select Flow. Name the Flow and click CREATE.  
  2. Delete the Start and End steps. In the Toolbox panel, navigate to DATA > BPMN > EVENTS > START and drag a Start Event step into the workspace.
  3. On the Properties panel under STEP INFORMATION, enter "Start of Process" under Name.
  4. Attach a Call Activity step to the Start of Process step by navigating to DATA > BPMN > ACTIVITY. On the Properties panel under the ADVANCED category, click PICK OR CREATE IMPLEMENTATION FLOW and create a new Flow.
    Implementation Flows are used to connect a BPMN Flow to an external Flow to accomplish a section of the modeled Business Process. 
  5. In the Flow Designer, attach a Show Popup step to the Start and End steps. Enter "Text" for the Subject field and "This is a message" for the Message field. Click Save and close the Flow Designer.
  6. Attach an End Event step to the Call Activity step by navigating to DATA > BPMN > EVENTS > END. Click Save to save changes to the Flow. 
    Start Event and End Event function similarly to a standard Start/End step in that they begin or end the Process respectively, and can be used to define Input/Output data.


  1. On the top action bar, click Debug
  3. The BPMN Flow will run and the Implementation Flow will run to display the popup.  

For further information on Flows, visit the Decisions Forum.

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