Adding Charts to a Report
  • Updated on 10 Oct 2013
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Adding Charts to a Report

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Chart s represent report results in a graphical form.  To create a chart from a report, a column in the report must have its results grouped.
To add a chart to a report, select the column to be charted and in its Action menu, select Group .  The charts of the Components Panel will expand to display a component for each type of chart usable for that specific column.  To add a chart of the selected column’s results, drag a chart component into the workspace.
The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report and group the report results by a column.

  2. Add a chart to the report.

  3. Run the report to view the chart.

Begin in the portal by navigating to a Designer Folder .  Select the Create Report button.

In the resulting New Report pop-up window, the new report a name and click Create .


Define a data source for the report by selecting Folder Data Source. Go to Data Sources > Common > Folder Data Source .

Under the Data Fields column, click Add and select the columns Entity Name , Folder Type Name , and Nesting Level to the workspace.

Next, group the results of the Folder Type Name column by selecting its header and in its Action menu select Group .  To add a chart, at least one column must be grouped. In order to group a column, click the icon indicated by the red square. 

To add a chart, click Add in the Views section of the Report Designer .  Scroll down to the Charts category and select the desired type.

In the resulting Add chart popup window, fill in the Title field with “Columns” and select Count(folder_type_name) in the Field drop down list.  Then click the OK button.

A new Columns icon, named after the chart, will appear.  When clicked, it will show a preview of the chart.

This completes the report.  Save it and close the Report Designer .  Click the Save Report option on the menu bar, then click Save and exit.Back in the portal, select the Report and, in its Action menu, select Run Report .


The report will open in a new window.  Select the Chart option to see a chart illustration of the number of folders that fall into each Folder Type.

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