About Truth Tables

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Truth Tables are rules that compare the possible combinations of multiple inputs, allowing the user to arrive at different outcomes depending on the specific combination. A truth table can output a piece or pieces of data, or take action by calling a flow. This Rule is represented as a table where we can add Conditions at the top (Predicate and Verb), and then define Nouns as Rows of the Truth Table along with expected Results (Outcome Data). You can configure a truth table to return more than one outcome. This is helpful when you have a single set of data that you want to analyze in more than one way.

Explanation of the Truth Table Rule Types: 

Data Return Rule (Single): Returns single variable into the flow.

Action Rule: Passes in value and executes a flow. 

Data Return Rule (Multiple, Composite Type): Creates a new datatype based off the fields that you specify in the return. This allows you to dynamically create datatypes for the output of the truth table based off of what fields you define are getting sent out.

Data Return Rule (Multiple): Returns multiple variables into the flow. 


Below is an example of a Truth Table.


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