Changing Truth Table Execution Results
  • 20 May 2022
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Changing Truth Table Execution Results

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External, Rule, and Truth Tables are able to execute and return the first, last, or all matching rows once the table has been evaluated. This allows for more control over the resulting output, allowing specific outcomes to be the default result. The following article will demonstrate how to change the execution result type. 

Execution Result Type

Below is an overview of the three options available for the Execution Result Type

Execution Result TypeDescription
All MatchesDefault selection. This option returns all matching rows once the table has been evaluated
First Match OnlyReturns only the first matching row from the table
Last Match onlyReturns only the last matching row from the table


This example will use a preconfigured Truth Table. The Truth Table has a single Int value as its input. Depending on the Int value, the Truth Table will execute and return rows containing a string. This example will cover how to display the last matching row for a Truth table.

  1. Create and define a Truth Table
  2. Once The Truth Table has been created and added to the Flow, select the Truth Table and expand the Advanced header in the Properties. Notice the Execution Result Type setting. 
  3.  By default the setting defaults to returns all matches. Since this example covers returning the last matching row, Select the drop-down under the setting and change All Matches to Last Match only.
  4. Once the setting has been changed, run the table through the Debugger. Notice that only the last row is the only row being returned.

For further information on Rules, visit the Decisions Forum.

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