PGP Module
  • 20 Mar 2024
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PGP Module

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The PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Module provides the ability encrypt and decrypt various types of data like texts, emails, files, using PGP Encryption. PGP combines two types of encryption: one that uses a secret key for encryption and decryption, and another that uses a pair of keys, one public and one private. Each message is encrypted using a secret key that is used only once. The encrypted message and its secret key are sent to the recipient, who can then decrypt the message. The recipient's public key is used to protect the message during transmission. The encrypted key can only be decrypted using the secret key. PGP can also digitally sign files to prove they are authentic. Users sign files with their private key and verify them using the signature.

The PGP Module installation will be needed to access the below steps. To learn to install a module, see Installing Modules in Decisions
The PGP Module cannot be used to generate PGP public and private keys. The PGP Module may be used for building workflows to encrypt or decrypt messages or files. Therefore, public and private keys should be generated with third-party systems.
  • Public Key: locks the message and converts the key into an encrypted file.
  • Private Key: Unlocks the encrypted file key and converts the message back into plain text.

Upgrading to v8.13+

Customers using the Sign File, Clear Sign File, or Sign And Encrypt File steps need to drag and drop these steps after upgrade into the Flows using them.

Steps that are already in Flows may have their mapping set to Null on upgrade.


Installing the PGP Module adds the following steps:

Clear Sign FileAllows users to sign a file digitally but keep the file contents in plain PGP text. 
Decrypt and Verify FileAllows a user to decrypt a PGP file that has been digitally signed. 
Decrypt File

Users sets a file to be decrypted.
Decrypt StringAllows a string to be decrypted. The Private Key Password must be entered as a constant in the input for the step to work.
Encrypt FileUser sets a file to be encrypted.
Encrypt StringAllows a string to be encrypted and a Public Key to be assigned to it.
Sign FileUses a PGP Private Key and Private Key Password to sign a file. The Decrypt File or Decrypt and Verify File step is needed to decrypt the file to be read.
Sign and Encrypt File Allows a user to sign a file and encrypt it
Verify FileUses the specified public key to determine whether the input files has an authentic digital signature.

For further information on Modules, visit the Decisions Forum.

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