Installing Modules
  • 27 Mar 2023
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Installing Modules

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There are two methods to install a module:

  • My Apps > APP STORE > Modules
  • Navigating to System > Administration > Features 

The following subsections provide a step-by-step process to install a module for each method.

Uninstalling Modules

Uninstalling modules without understanding their dependencies can lead to issues and potentially break the functioning of other components, hence it is not recommended to uninstall a module. Please contact for any assistance.


Installation via My Apps

  1. In the Decisions Studio, navigate to FOLDERS > My Apps > APP STORE, and select Modules.

  2. On the desired Module, select DETAILS, then choose INSTALL. At the confirmation window, select YES.
  3. Once installation completes, a notification will display at the top right of the screen.
  4. To access the new module's steps, navigate back to the Decisions Studio and open a Flow to view the Flow Designer.
  5. In the Toolbox, navigate to INTEGRATION > [NAME OF SERVICE]. This folder houses all steps in the module.

Installation via System Features Folder

  1. In the Decisions Studio, navigate to the System > Administration > Features
  2. Follow the same procedure as above.

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