Installing Modules
  • 14 Jun 2022
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Installing Modules

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There are two methods to install a module:

  • My Apps > APP STORE > Modules
  • Navigating to System > Administration > Features 

The following subsections provide a step-by-step process to install a module for each method.

Modules can not be uninstalled. If an issue occurs with a module, please contact for assistance.


Installation via My Apps

  1. In the Decisions Studio, navigate to FOLDERS > My Apps > APP STORE, select Modules.

  2. On the desired Module select DETAILS, then choose INSTALL. At the confirmation window, select YES.
  3. Once installation completes, a notification will display at the top right of the screen.

  4. To access the new module's steps, navigate back to the Decisions Studio and open a Flow to view the Flow Designer.
  5. In the Toolbox, navigate to INTEGRATION > [NAME OF SERVICE]. This folder houses all steps in the module.

Installation via System Features Folder

  1. In the Decisions Studio, navigate to the System > Administration > Features
  2. Follow the same procedure as above.

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