Horizontal Folder Timeline
  • 13 Apr 2022
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Horizontal Folder Timeline

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The Horizontal Folder Timeline page component can be used to display the states for a specific Process Folder or a Case Entity. The component uses the Folder ID taken from the Selection bus to locate and display the folders in a state. This can be used in conjunction with a Flow Run Part component to display the states for Process Folders and Case Entities on a customized dashboard.

The following example will use a FlowRunPart that sets a page variable. The page variable will be used to retrieve the FolderID  for a Process Folder to be used by the component. Once the FlowRunPart completes, the Horizontal Timeline component will update and show the past and current states of the Folder. 


  1.  Create a new Page. The Page Designer will open.
  2. In the Toolbox, open the Data -> Folder headers. Select the Folder Horizontal Timeline component and add this to the workspace.
  3. In the Properties panel for the step, open the Behavior tab and check Get Folder ID by Selection Bus. A new field will appear. Define the variable that will be used by the Selection bus.
  4. In the Toolbox, select Designer Entities -> Flows and add a FlowRunPart component onto the Page.
  5. In the Properties panel for the FlowRunPart component, under FLOW INFO, select PICK OR CREATE FLOW ID
  6. Create a new Flow which will be used to set the Page Variable used by the Selection bus. This can be done using the Set Page Variables step.
  7.  Save and close the Flow and Page Designers. Add the created Page onto a Folder in Decisions. 
  8. Enter the FolderID for a Process Folder or Case Entity into the FlowRunPart component. For Process Folders, the FolderID can be found through the URL.
  9. Enter the Folder ID into the Flow Run Part to view the states for the Process Folder.

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