Configure Flows
  • 03 Aug 2023
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Configure Flows

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The way a Flow behaves is based upon the defined Properties found in the Flow Designer Properties tab. 


Existing Flow Input Data is displayed in this section; Input Data may also be added here. 


Advanced SettingDescription
ColorsCustomize the colors used in the Flow Designer for this specific Flow.

Designer BackgroundChanges the color of the workspace.

Links ColorChanges the color of the lines connecting steps. 

Node LabelsChanges the font styling of steps.

Link LabelsChanges the font styling of labels of the lines connecting steps.
Shape DefaultsChanges the behavior of the lines connecting steps.

Link Line TypeLine Style

DefaultCornered style.

DirectMakes lines sharper and more direct.

CorneredCurved corner effect on lines. 

Jump LinesApplies a hill effect on lines that cross each other.

Avoid NodesDetermines if paths in a Flow will route around Flow steps

Capture StatisticsTurns on Statistics

Category NameCategory Name for Statistics

Sub Category NameSub Category Name for Statistics

Swimlane TypeApplies Swimlanes to the workspace in a horizontal or vertical layout. 

Service Settings 

Configure the Integration Type to be API Service, User Interface, Webhook, or None. Once a Type is picked, further configuration options become available along with a VIEW button to supply additional settings, display information for calls and expected outputs, and test the integration.


  1. In the Flow Designer, navigate to the Properties tab.
  2. Expand the Settings panel.
Setting NameDescription
Behavior TypeThe Behavior Type drop-down list allows setting the desired Flow Behavior.
Recursion Policy

Use Top Flow SettingsUses the Parent Flow's Recursion Policy settings.

Use This Flows SettingsUses the current Flow's Recursion Policy settings.

OffTurns off Recursion Policy settings.
Stop Recursion AtThe default Stop Recursion At setting is 20000, preventing a Flow from an infinite loop and overflow memory. This number should be increased if intending to process more than 20000 records.
Allow Flow Start RecursionAllows Starts of the Flow to ignore recursion limit
File Storage Association PolicyDetermines how a file is stored in a Flow

AlwaysFiles will associate with the Flow and move to the Flow Data directory.

NeverFiles in the Flow will not move to the Flow Data directory and will only remain in the temp directory.
Storage PolicyStorage Policy sets the way Flow Data will be stored in the database if the Flow is abandoned.

AutomaticFlow Designer chooses between Journal and Snapshot

JournalHeavier processing but lighter on storage space in the database.

SnapshotLighter on processing but heavier on storage space in the database.
Clear Policy On ExceptionWhen a Flow ends on an Exception, by default, it does not clear the Flow Data that may have been saved in the database. Override this via the Clear Policy On Exception setting.

Use DefaultUses the default set in System > Administration > Settings > Designer Studio Settings > Flow Designer

YesClears Policy on Exception.

NoPrevents Policy from clearing on Exception.
Rollback EnabledSets Rollback for Flow data based on the Clear Policy On Exception setting.
Keep Active Time SpanThis setting determines how long a Flow remains in the 'running state' if it is stalled on a Sync step. Once it is no longer active, the Flow becomes abandoned.
Abandoned Storage PolicyDefines if Flow data should be Saved or Discarded if a Flow is abandoned.
Store Step StatisticsThis setting defines if Step data should be stored in the database.

SamplingStores no more than 10 records of Step data.

AlwaysStores the Step data in the database.

NeverDoes not store the Step data in the database.
EnabledThese settings are for configuring specific Enablement options for the Flow.

EnabledBy default, Flows are initially enabled.

Use Enabled RulesEnables the Flow based on the evaluation of the Enabled Rule (must be configured).

Begin DateSelect a Start date for the Flow to be enabled.

End DateSelect an End date for the Flow to be disabled.
Flow Execution MessagesThese settings are for configuring specific Start and End behaviors for the Flow.

Flow Started UI Behavior

DefaultUses default Flow behavior.

Expect FormActs as if a Form is expected.

Show MessageShows a Message in the Studio.

Show NotificationShows a Notification in the Studio.

Run SilentlyRuns without a Notification.

Flow Started UI DelayUsed to configure the duration before the Flow Started behavior happens.

Flow Started UI MessageA customizable message appears after the Flow starts (after the specified Delay).

Flow Ended UI BehaviorThe behavior that should be used when the Flow has ended.

Flow Ended UI MessageA customizable message appears when the Flow has ended.
TriggersTriggers are used with the Flow Step Trigger behavior that is available in the Behavior Type drop-down list.

Before Trigger TypeConfigures whether the before Trigger uses a Store or Run Flow function.

After Trigger TypeConfigures whether the after Trigger uses a Store or Run Flow function.

Error Trigger TypeConfigures whether the error Trigger uses a Store or Run Flow function.

For further information on Flows, visit the Decisions Forum.

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