Using Swim Lanes
  • 23 May 2022
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Using Swim Lanes

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A Swimlane is an element used in Flows to visually distinguish job sharing and responsibilities for a business process. Swim lanes are organized and divided into sections labeled as Lanes, with each Lane representing a person, group, or subprocess in a Flow. 

Adding Swimlanes

  1. From a Designer Project click CREATE FLOW and create a new Flow.
  2. In the Properties panel for the Flow, expand the Advanced > Swimlanes categories.

  3. Under Swimlanes Type, select Verticafrom the dropdown menu. Below is a breakdown of the different options available for a Swimlane.
    NoneDisables Swimlanes from appearing in a Flow
    VerticalCreates Swimlanes in a vertical layout. 
    HorizontalCreates Swimlanes in a horizontal layout. 
  4. The Swimlane will appear. To add a new Swimlane: 
    1. Hover over the label for the control and select the plus icon.
    2. In the Properties panel, expand the Layout section, under Swimlanes, click Add

Editing Swimlanes

Once Swimlanes have been enabled, each lane's size, color, and name can be adjusted.

  1. In the Properties panel for the Flow, expand the Layout category.

  2. Under Swimlanes, hover over and select the pencil icon next to the lane that needs to be adjusted. 
  3. The Edit Swimlanes menu will appear. Edit the Label, Background, and Size, then click OK. 
  4. The Swimlane will reflect the changes.

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