Enabling a Guest Account
  • 30 Jul 2021
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Enabling a Guest Account

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A Guest Account is an optional user Account that can be used to get non-Portal users, such as an outside vendor, for example, to engage in a Flow. The Guest Account user is enabled under System > Settings > Portal Settings, by checking the Enable Guest Account checkbox found under Portal Settings. When the Guest Account is active, a user will see a GUEST user in the user's list, and Forms will have the "Assign to Guest" option available for doing the Assignment.
To use a Guest Account, it has to be activated, enabled, and then given Portal access.

  1. Right-click Account > Manage > Activate Guest Account
  2. Edit the Account and check Can Use Portal
  3. In the Portal settings, check Enable Guest Account 


  1. To activate the Account, navigate to Account > Manage > Activate Guest Account.

  2. To give the Guest Account Portal access, go to Security > Accounts
  3. Select the Guest Account and choose Edit. 
  4. Within the Edit Entity dialog, select Is Active, Is Confirmed, and Can Use Portal.

  5. To enable the Guest Account, go to System > Settings > Portal Settings.

  6. Under Portal Settings, check the Enable Guest Account checkbox.

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