Changing Password From Administrator & User Account
  • 23 Jun 2021
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Changing Password From Administrator & User Account

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In Decisions, Administrators have the ability to reset an Account's password for the Decisions environment. In addition, a user has the ability to change their own password from the Portal. The Account password should be changed regularly for security purposes. 

The Change Password option is not available for users who are synced via Active Directory or using SSO. Please contact the Active Directory administrator about a password change in this regard.

Administrator Reset For User Account

To reset the password for a Decisions user Account:

  1. Log in to Decisions Studio under an Administrator Account.
  2. Navigate to System > Security > Accounts
    In the Designer Studio, navigate to System > Security > Accounts
  3. Right-click an Account in the Accounts list then select Reset Password
  4. From the Reset Password window, input the desired password in the Reset Password box, enter it once more in Confirm Password, then click RESET PASSWORD. 
    Note on Password Reset 
    Set the password to something simple that the user can use to get back in and then change their password if desired.

Single User Account Password Reset

To change the password on of a user Account:

  1. Log in to the desired Account. 
  2. From the My Documents Folder, select the vertical three-dot icon under the notification bell in the top-right corner to show the Action Menu for Account Settings
  3. Select Change Password from this menu to open the configuration window. 
    Additional Information on Change Password 
    Alternately, if desired, the CHANGE PASSWORD action may be found from the Global Action Bar on the bottom of the screen. 

  4. From the Change Password window, provide the Old Password, then enter and Re-Enter the New Password; click CHANGE PASSWORD.

  5. After setting the new password, logout and then back into the Account to verify that the password has successfully been changed. 

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