Reporting on statistics

Last Updated: 05/04/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Although some default reporting on statistics is provided on the App Statistics dashboard, users will likely want to create custom reports to report on specific applications or types of actions. This article explains how to write reports against the Statistics Reporting data.

Create a new report using the Statistics Data Source under the Infrastructure folder
This data source provide you all the columns that are settable by the statistic reporting steps (see: Recording statistics from flow).
Using this data source, we will build a report that shows Report Runs by Report and User.
Add the following columns to your report: Date Time, Application Name, Action Name, Sub Section Name and Email Address.
Add a filter: Application Name = Decisions Portal.
Add a second filter: Action Name = Run Report.
Rename Sub Section Name column header to Report Name by: Selecting the action arrow of the column and selecting Edit,
Navigating to the Settings > Title section, and Rename. 
Next, we will group by Report Name and then by Email Address columns.
Now you can close and save your report.

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