Get Page Variable
  • Updated on 21 Jul 2017
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Get Page Variable

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Get Page Variable Step located in Page Context category in the Tool Box . With this step we can get some Page parameters to the Flow based on the context of the Page this Flow is running on.
In this example we are going to build a simple Page with Tile Part . A Flow Source for Tile is going to use Get Page Variable step to display Page Name.
To learn how to build your first Page, please click here .

We begin in the Designer Folder with clicking Manage/Page > Add Page on Folder Actions Panel.

Then, we Name the Page and click Ok to proceed to the Page Designer.

In the Page Designer we add Tile Part component to our Page .

Next, we locate Common Properties for Tile Part and click Create link under Flow settings.

In the resulting window we Name the Flow and click Ok .

In the Flow Designer we add Get Page Variable step from All Steps [Catalog] > Page Context category.

Next, we are going to configure Get Page Variable step.
We locate Page Context > Data Type option. Here we can select from PageVariable, FolderId, URLVariable, and CookieValue. We select URLVariable. Then, for Variable Name we define ‘pageName’ key.
After Variable Name is defined we should be able to see Step outcome and Page Data output created.

We connect the outcome from Get Page Variable step to the Create Tile Data step.
Set Create Tile Data to display HTML Text . ForHTML Text we select value of Page Data .

Finally, we map Tile Data to the output on theEnd Step in our Flow .

This completes our Tile Source Flow . We can save it and close Flow Designer.
Back in the Page Designer we save the Page and close Designer .

Next we are going to attach the Page to the Folder by usingAll > Manage > Page > Add Page action on Folder Actions Panel.

In the resulting window we pick our Page and click PICK to save and continue.

If we view our Page we should be able to see our Page Name displayed on the Tile Part component.

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