Using Reports As Flow Steps
  • Updated on 15 Oct 2013
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Using Reports As Flow Steps

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Once a report is created and saved, it will be available to use in a flow.  For example, the user could create a flow that runs a report and displays the report data on a form.
To add a report to a flow go to the Flow Designer. In the Toolbox Panel select the category Integration > Reporting and drag the component based on the report to the workspace.
The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a flow.

  2. Add a report to the flow.

  3. View the data output from the report step in the debugger.

The Folder Report and Grid Form were both created for this example.
Note: In order to be able to use Report as a Step in the Flow Designer we need to check Generate Step To Run Report check-box in the Report Designer.

To begin, navigate to a Designer Folder and click the Create Flow button.

Name the flow and click Ok to open the Flow Designer .

Start building the flow by adding the report.
In the Flow Designer Quick Add window, expand the category Integrations > All Integrations > Reporting > [Current Folder] > Report: Document Report and select Run Report (Folder Report 1) component, for the desired report.  Click Add to add this step to the flow.

Next, we will connect our report to the end and click "Save", then "Debug".

In the debugger, you can right click the 'Run Report' step and view the output data to confirm it looks as expected. Note, the step generates a new custom data type that will contain all of your outputted report data.


You now have successfully used a report as a step in the workflow.

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