Refreshing Report Data Automatically Based on Portal Events
  • 31 Aug 2023
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Refreshing Report Data Automatically Based on Portal Events

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Reports and Charts presented in a Report Viewer offer the capability to automatically update in response to different events within the Portal. These events could be modifications to folders, alterations involving entities featured within the Report, and changes made to the structure of the folder tree. This refresh mechanism ensures that the displayed data remains current and responsive to the evolving landscape of the portal's contents.

Warning on Event System Use
Be careful to avoid too many updates based on events in high transaction systems. The time-based Auto-Refresh option (as demonstrated in the example below) is recommended to avoid a high volume of processing burdening the System.

Refresh Options 

The following chart provides information on each Report Viewer Refresh option found via BEHAVIOR > Refresh in the Report Viewer Properties tab.

BehaviorDefinitionExample Use Case
Auto-RefreshAllows a time to be specified for refreshing the data on a schedule.A digital signage system at a transportation hub displays real-time arrival and departure information for trains. The Report automatically refreshes every 2 minutes to ensure passengers see the most current schedule, helping them plan their travels accurately.
On Any Folder ChangeRefreshes the data upon a change detected to any folder defined as a data source for the Report.A collaborative document editing platform exists where multiple users contribute to shared files in various folders. A Report displays the recent changes made across all folders. When any user updates a document in any folder, the report refreshes to show the latest changes across the collaborative workspace.
On Contained Entity ChangeRefreshes when an entity changes; it will update on the Report.In a medical records system, a Report tracks patient appointments. When a patient's appointment status changes (e.g., from scheduled to completed), the Report refreshes to reflect the updated status, enabling medical staff to stay informed about patient visits.
On Current Folder ChangeRefreshes data upon a change detected to the current Folder defined as a data source for the Report.In a project management application, a Report summarizes task completion within the currently selected project folder. As team members mark tasks as completed or make updates, the Report refreshes to show the latest task status for that specific project, aiding project managers in tracking progress.
On Tree ChangeRefreshes the Report when the navigation tree part on changing selections has a refresh interval setting that can be saved.In an e-commerce application, a sales Report allows users to navigate through different product categories using a tree structure. When users switch between categories in the navigation tree, the report refreshes automatically to display sales data specific to the selected category. This ensures that users always see up-to-date sales information based on their category choices.
Report Update For FolderRefreshes the Report when a Folder experiences a change or updateIn a project management tool, maintain a Report summarizing task completion status across different project folders. Whenever any project folder experiences a change, such as tasks being added or completed, the Report refreshes to reflect the latest task data. This way, stakeholders can easily track project progress without manual updates.
Report Key Update For FolderRefreshes the Report when the data source's Folder experiences a key change or updateConsider a customer support dashboard where there is a Report displaying the number of support tickets for different product categories. If the product codes in the data source's folder are updated (e.g., new products added or existing ones modified), the Report automatically refreshes to ensure accurate representation of ticket distribution across the updated product categories.
Report Key UpdateRefreshes the Report when the Report experiences a change or updateA financial analysis Report that provides quarterly performance metrics for a company. When the Report's underlying data sources receive updates, such as new financial statements being uploaded, the report refreshes to incorporate the latest financial figures. This automated update guarantees that decision-makers always base their strategies on current financial insights.


  1. Within a Page Designer that holds a Report Viewer, select the Report Viewer and navigate to the Properties Panel.
  2. Under BEHAVIOR > Refresh, enable Auto Refresh. Then, define the Refresh Time by adjusting the number of Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and/or Days.
  3. If desired, the loading indicator text displayed on refresh can be changed via the respective Loading indicator text box under Properties > BEHAVIOR > Settings
  4. Save and close the Page Designer via X. Back in the Add Page/Dashboard window, click SAVE.
  5. Navigate to the Page by selecting its respective Folder tab. Verify that the Report Viewer refreshes after the designated Refresh Time; the Report Refresh will be accompanied by a Loading... indicator. 

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