Multi Select Drop Down List Component
  • Updated on 04 Jan 2017
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Multi Select Drop Down List Component

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Multi Select Drop Down component on Form . Multi Select Drop Down component was introduced in Decisions 4.0 and can be displayed only in HTML version. This component has a list of objects as an Input , displays desirable property of an object in drop-down list on the Form , and outputs a list of selected objects.
In this example, build a Flow with a Form on it. On the Form, display all System Accounts using Multi Select Drop Down component.

  • GetAll : Integrations > All Integrations > Internal Services > Account Service
  • Show Form : Favorite Steps

Below is an image of the expected outcome of being able to select multiple options from a drop down component.

Configure The Steps:
Start in Designer Folder with selecting Create Flow on Folder Actions Panel.
Then, Name the Flow and select Ok to proceed to the Flow Designer.
In the Flow Designer add Get All step from Integrations > All Integrations > Internal Services > Account Service category.

On the outcome from Get All step, add Show Form step from the Favorite Steps category.

In the resulting window, Name the Form and select Create to proceed to the Form Designer.

In the Form Designer add a Label component to serve as Form title and a Button for User to be able to submit the Form .
Then, drag Multi Select Drop Down component located in Data category in Form Controls .

Next, locate Input Data settings for Multi Select Drop Down component and selectAccount Type.
Then define List Items DataName as Accounts,  pick Display Field EmailAddress, and chose DataName as List Input Source . Also, in Output Data settings we define Selected Item(s) Data Name .

The form design is completed. Save the Form and close Form Designer .
Back in the Flow Designer, connect the outcome from the Form Step to the End Step in the Flow . Then, map data for the Form Step . Select Form Step on the work space. In the Inputs settings chose Select Value Mapping Type for Accounts input and Pick Get All_Output . Also, Ignore input for the selectedAccounts .
This completes the Flow . Select Debug Flow on the top panel of the Flow Designer to test the Flow .

Flow runs in the Debugger and the Form shows up. The Drop Down control displaying a list of All Accounts’ Email Addresses . Select desirable Accounts.

As more Accounts are selected from the Multi Select Drop Down control, they appear underneath the control. Select the Done button to submit the Form .

The Flow executes to the End Step in the Debugger . On the execution diagram, select Form Step and select View Output Data action.

Information window displays Form output selectedAccounts that contains a list of User selected Accounts.

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