Handling Multiple Identity Providers (IDP)
  • 13 Jul 2023
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Handling Multiple Identity Providers (IDP)

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This article provides a guide on effectively handling multiple Identity Providers within the Platform to accommodate a diverse user base that utilizes various SSO logins. For further details, please refer to the SSO Basics.

Adding multiple IDPs Button on the Login Page

Decisions has the ability to add multiple IDPs on the login page as a button, allowing the end users to choose the specific IDP to log in. For more information, refer to Login Page Settings.

Directing users directly to IDPs Login Page

Admin users can provide end users with a URL with specific query parameters, allowing them to log in through different Identity Providers (IDPs). This capability enables end users to authenticate using IDPs other than the primary IDP or the ones displayed on the login page, particularly when utilizing the Dual Authentication feature.


Note: These customized URLs must be managed by the customers. Admins will need to ensure proper handling and maintenance of these URLs. If no ID is provided, it redirects users to the Primary Identity Providers Login Page if the Dual Authentication feature is not enabled.

Retrieving Identity Providers' (IDPs) Names and IDs

Run the following Query in the Query Editor to retrieve Identity Providers' (IDPs) names and IDs.

SELECT name, id
FROM samlidentity_provider
SELECT name, id
FROM open_id_provider

The returned "ID" needs to be added to the URL of the end users, and that will navigate them to the configured IDP.

E.g. URL: https://decisions.com/Login?SAMLIdP=8fe17a86-c6e6-4eb9-8ae6-3f01c437174f

SDK: Custom Login Page

The Decisions Software Development Kit (SDK) lets Admin users personalize the default Portal login page by applying custom styles and designs. Users can integrate the login page according to their preferences, allowing them to incorporate SAML, OpenID, or any other desired authentication method. For more information, refer to SDK: Custom Login Page.

Note: Decisions will not support or assist in developing the Custom Login Page. The customization process for the login page remains the responsibility of the customers. However, to seek assistance solely for deploying and configuring, contact support@decisions.com.

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