Setting up a Control Instance
  • 16 Jun 2022
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Setting up a Control Instance

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In a multi-tenant environment, the host server is referred to as the Control Instance. As its previous name suggested, the Control Instance acts as the primary host for additional Tenant Instances

The Control Instance can direct users to the desired instance throughout the environment. The following document demonstrates how to install a Control Instance.

Self Hosted Example

  1. Download and then run the Decisions Installer as an Administrator.
  2. Continue with installation until the Select Installation Type window. Select Multi-Tenancy Server (Control), then click Next. 
  3. Proceed with installation as outlined in the Installation Guide
  4. From the Control Server Setup screen, provide the desired Instance Name, then click Next. 
  5. Complete the installation process, then open the Studio and verify that the environment contains the System >  Hosting Folder with the created Instance Name visible in the Folder's respective Report. 

Preparing for a Tenant Instance

After setting up the Control Instance, additional setup is required before a Tenant environment can be established. 

  1. From the Control Instance's Studio, navigate to System > Security > Accounts; on the Global Action Bar, click CREATE ACCOUNT.
  2. From the Add Account window, provide the desired Email and Password values for the Tenant Instance's account, then repeat the Password in the Confirm Password field.
  3. Scroll to the HOSTING category. Then, under Assign To Instances, select the Control Instance and click CREATE ACCOUNT. 
    Once complete, set up a Tenant Instance to continue setting up the multi-tenant environment.

For more information regarding Multi-Tenancy, see Decisions Forum: Multi-Tenant.

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