Calculated Column Overview
  • 09 Apr 2024
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Calculated Column Overview

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Calculated Columns are Data Fields used to extend data on a Report by allowing the ability to incorporate other Designer Elements (e.g. Flows), get specific calculated DateTime values, to decrypt sensitive Report Data, and more. The table below displays each possible Calculated Column as well as its function.

Calculated ColumnFunction
AddFieldByValueUsed to add value to selected Data Field.
AddFieldsAllows the ability to add two Data Fields together.
CombineTextFieldsProvides function user to combine two Data Fields into one column.

Allows the user to define Constant values according to the DataTypes of values such as String, Int, Decimal, Boolean, and the DateTime type. Useful with the External Truth Table to compare values.

DivideFieldByValueDivides a Data Field by the desired value.
DivideFieldUsed to split up two Data Fields.
EncryptedOrPIIDataFieldDecrypts encoded data defined when creating a Data Structure.
Defines and runs a Flow to perform lookups by displaying strings in a Report.
GetDateAgeShows duration in the year, month, and days between the selected column date to the current.
GetDateOutputs the current Date.
GetDayofWeekGets the day of the week from the selected Data Field.
GetDaysBetweenCalculates the difference in days between two dates.
GetHoursBetweenGets hours difference between two dates.
GetMilliSecondsBetweenDisplays milliseconds difference between two dates.

Works out the difference between the two dates.

GetMonthGets month number without year from selected Data Field. To use this, change Data Field Format to Other and define Properties > Formatting > Format as MMMM. 
GetRemainderFromFieldsDetermines remainder from two Data Fields.
GetSecondsBetweenGets seconds difference between two dates.
GetTimesBetweenEvaluates the time difference between the two dates.

Pulls year from selected Data Field.

HideOldDatesHides or displays null values from a Data Field based on the value provided in Hide Dates Older Than field.
ImageDocumentInlineFieldDisplays a Document as an inline field on the Report.
ImageUrlInlineFieldAllows displaying of an Image as a column in a Report.
LiveUpdateColumnInlineFieldDisplays the number of days, hours, or minutes that have passed based on a DateTime column. The Background and Foreground colors can be set based on a positive or negative value. Positive means time until, and negative means time that has passed.
MatchInlineFieldAdds column where the user can put conditions to show different values on each row as desired.
MatchRegexCalculates RegexPattern provided by the user for a Data Field and displays only the rows where RegexPattern is matched.
MergeTextInlineFieldProvides the Text Merge Editor where multiple Data Fields can be grouped together.
MultiplyFieldByValueMultiplies the value with the selected Data Field.
MultiplyFieldsAllows the option to multiply two Data Fields.
OpenURLInlineFieldConstructs a URL and provides a link at runtime to open that URL.
PercentFieldCalculates a percentage using two Data Fields.
RunFlowInlineFieldRuns a Flow from a Report.
SplitCamelCaseInlineFieldReturns column data in Camel Case form.
SubtractFieldByValueSubtracts value from selected Data Field.
SubtractFieldsSubtracts two Data Fields.
TimespanTotalSecondsFieldDisplays timespan in seconds.
TimespanTotalMinutesFieldOutputs timespan in minutes.
TimespanConstantFormatFieldProvides timespan in a Constant defined format: hh\:mm\:ss.
TimespanCustomFormatFieldDisplays timespan in a custom-defined format; the default format is hh\:mm\:ss .
TruncateTextInlineFieldShortens the value of another Data Field.
YesNoInlineFieldDisplays Yes or No values and can be used with a Boolean column.

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