Adding a User Account

Last Updated: 09/21/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


Accounts represent authenticated users of your system, which can be actual people or machines. Adding a user account can be done by navigating to System > Security > Accounts and click the Create Account button.


Begin in the portal by navigating to System > Security > Accounts.


To create the example account, select the Create Account button.


In the resulting Add Account window,  define the properties of our new account. The first section defines required information. Fill in the Email field with “”. In the Password and Confirm Password fields, type our new account’s password.


While creating the new account, there is an option to define the groups of which it will be a member. In the Select Group section, select the Add New link.


In the resulting Select Group pop-up,  chose Designers and select OK.


This completes the new account, select the OK button. Designers is now under Select Group. Select Create Account to save all changes. 


The new account – – appears in the list of account.


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