About Modules

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Modules in the Decisions software, are not installed by default. These instead are extra features that can be installed on demand.  Decisions is composed of one or more independently developed modules that are not combined until the program is linked. You can add modules under System > Administration > Features. 

Adding modules can help with things such as changing the default settings in the portal, helping organize a process with set Flow Steps or if something is not available there is the option of uploading a custom module. Essentially modules are downloadable content which add-on features to the default settings already provided in Decisions.

Example: Docusign module

This module has Flow Steps that will let you send a document to Docusign so that Docusign can capture electronic signatures and initials.  The steps are limited to using X,Y position in the document to mark where to sign, or using Docusign’s “Tag” ability to indicate areas in the document that require signatures.  In Decisions it is a common pattern to send the document out, through Docusign, for signatures and then use the “Wait on External Event” step to monitor Docusign, watching for the document to be fully executed before pulling it back into the workflow.  


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