Decrypting PII Data Fields with a Report
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Decrypting PII Data Fields with a Report

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When creating a Data Structure, Designers may encrypt their data fields to hide PII (Personal Identifiable Information) such as an SSN from accidental viewing to avoid security risks,

To allow the display of information within PII fields, data may be decrypted on a trusted Report through the use of a Calculated Column.


  1. In a Designer Project, create an Entity Data Structure
  2. Next, name the Entity [EmployeeInformation] and input the following data members: FullName [String], SSN [Int32], and Age [Int32].
  3. With the SSN [Int32] data member selected, locate the ADVANCED > Contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Boolean and enable it.
  4. With the Age [Int32] data member selected, locate the ADVANCED > Encrypt Data Boolean and enable it. SAVE the Entity.
    After creating the Entity Data Structure, data entries were created to successfully build a Report including encrypted data. Please navigate to the Entity Structure CRUD Actions for more information on how to create using a Data Structure.
  5. Create a Report.
  6.  In the Report Designer, under Data Sources, click Add to select Employee Information under User Defined Types > Entities.
  7. Navigate to Data Fields, click Add to select Full Name. Next, select Add and navigate to Calculated Columns and select EncryptedOrPIIDataField.
  8. In the resulting Add Calculated Column window, navigate to DATA > Field and select Age.
  9. Rename the field appropriately in the SETTINGS > Title field. Click OK.
    The EncryptedOrPIIField Calculated Column will decode any encrypted data included from the selected field and show it on the Report. If the user desires information from a certain field to stay encrypted or hidden from the Report, do not use the EncryptedOrPIIField Calculated Column.

  10. In the Report Designer, notice that the Report Viewer displays the Age information as unencrypted data. For example purposes, the SSN has not been added and it will remain encrypted.
  11. Save and close when complete.

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