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  • 25 Jun 2021
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The Help Center is an enhanced quick access toolbar, located in the bottom left corner of the Studio.  Icons represent information or links to the following useful resources, listed from left to right:

  • Environment-wide exception and validation counts
  • Support chat
  • Online documentation
  • Global Debugger/Profiler access

The following document discusses the Help Center as well as howto 

Exception/Validation Counts

The red and yellow exclamation icons in the Help Center appear with a numeric counter to track exceptions or validations that occur globally in the environment.

Note on Exceptions/Validations for Designer Elements 
These do not track exceptions or validations for individual Designer Elements, those would appear in the Decisions Studio for the specific element.

When there are no global exceptions or validations, these icons appear gray with blank number values.

An issue with an object during import would be considered a global exception, while an upcoming license expiration warning would be considered a global validation.

Further Information on Exception Handling 
For more information about handling exceptions/validations, please visit Exception Handling Best Practices.

Support Chat

Clicking the middle dialogue bubble icon launches an in-line chat window with a Support team member.  This window supports file sharing for easier troubleshooting, as well as the ability for team members to initiate commands given by end-user approval.

Should a Support team member be unavailable for chat, please create a Support Ticket at

To access and utilize the Support Chat: 

  1. Click the Support Chat icon within the Help Center (also available in any element Designer).
  2. In the chat window, provide a valid Email in the Your Email Address box, then select Start Chat.
    Note on Email Address
    Note that the Email address provided cannot be "". 

  3. In the Enter Message box, provide information on the issue/that would help troubleshoot the problem. 

    Additional Information on Chat Window
    Note that the dialog will indicate if a Support team member has joined the chat. If not, users will be prompted with a message requesting them to submit a support ticket.

  4. If desired, click the paperclip icon to add any file attachments that may aid with troubleshooting. This includes but is not limited to documents, screenshots, pdfs, etc.
  5. If relative to the issue, select the Send Screenshot button (denoted by a table overlapped by a camera) to take a screenshot of the current screen.
  6. Click any of the file attachments/screenshots to download a copy to the local File System. 

Selecting the page icon opens a separate browser tab directed to the Decisions Documentation homepage. This page acts a knowledgebase and provides examples/explanations for many of the features found within Decisions. 

Link to Documentation
To view the Decisions Documentation site outside of the Decisions environment, see the following link:
Decisions Documentation 

Global Debugger/Profiler

The wrench and gear icon in the Help Center offers two options for access to the Global Debugger or Global Profiler. These two features capture data from all running processes across the environment for easier access to administrative needs. 

Global Debugger

This tool can be enabled to capture a wide range of debugging data on processes happening at runtime. Once selected, Global Debugger is opened in a separate tab so that the environment can still be accessed to launch Flows or other elements. The Debugger will capture all of the information pertaining to the element at runtime, giving access to the same tools available in the Designer-level debugger. 

Additional Information 
For more information, please visit the Global Debugger article.
Global Debugger Practices
Enabling this feature on Production environments is NOT recommended.  Furthermore, when the Global Debugger is not needed for environment data capture, it should remain disabled; keeping it enabled will drastically hinder performance.  Selecting the icon in Help Center will show a "Stop Global Debugger" action if the separate tab was closed.

Global Profiler

This tool can be accessed to show a comprehensive Dashboard containing KPI tiles and Reports with key information about all running processes in the environment. KPI tile counts include how many Flows have executed, how many times the database was referenced by the platform, how many Flow steps are used in total, and "hotspot" areas that could contain potential exceptions in individual Designer Elements. The Profile Data Report contains specific information about backend processes pertaining to their database call, including data relationships created and active thread counts.

Additional Information
 For more information on the Profiler, please visit the Troubleshooting Using The Profiler article.

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