Run Rule
  • 09 Nov 2022
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Run Rule

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Step Details

Introduced in Version4.0.0
Last Modified in Version7.12.0
LocationDesigner Entities > Rules

The Run Rule step adds and uses Rules in a Flow. Rule Steps can be set up to reflect real business rules, typically containing two outcomes: a true or false value. The step allows users to select from pre-built rules in the Step Toolbox or create their own via the Rule Editor. Additionally, the Rule Editor may edit pre-existing Rules for specific cases.



PropertyDescriptionData Type
Selection TypeChoose or create a Truth Table, choose to have a Truth Table selected at runtime, or utilize a Champion/Challenger.---
Execution Result TypeChoose to have the step return all matches of the Truth Table, the first or last match only.---


Inputs will change based on how the Truth Table Rule is configured.

PropertyDescriptionData Type


PropertyDescriptionData Type

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